My First First Love – Season 2 Episode 3 “Five Degrees of Separation” Recap & Review

Moving Out

Episode 3 of My First First Love starts where it left off with Song-I telling Tae-O she knows why he is telling her not to leave; because he feels bad. After reassuring him, she berates him on how he treated her, so he says that he won’t do that anymore. However, she has made her decision and tells him she is moving.

At the house, the four roommates sit down for dinner and Cheo vows to make earning Ga-Rin’s trust, his priority. The next day, Tae-O meets with Se-Hyeon and tells her that Song-I is moving out which seems to please her.

The day of Song’s moving out arrives and Tae treats Song quite badly as a way of coping with her leaving. Just as she is about to leave, Do-Hyeon arrives to pick her up which prompts Ga-Rin and Cheo Hun to dis cover they’re dating. Ga-Rin complains to Cheo that she doesn’t have a lot of money left and blames him as she had to quit her job. They then decide to sell her expensive purses and bags to get some quick cash.

Se Hyeon, who still lives in Song’s old house, finds a letter that is addressed to Song’s mother. She decides to do the right thing and brings it to Song. It turns out to be a speeding fine where she sees a picture of her Mum driving with someone next to her. After this revelation, she calls Do Hyeon, but he is unable to meet her. Reluctant at first, Tae finally comes, and she reveals to him what she just found out. She feels lost and betrayed so he tells her sadly that next time she needs to talk, it would be best to call Do-Hyeon and not him.

Song-I tells Do-Hyeon she is going to go looking for her mum. She visits many shops but no one knows anything about her. Meanwhile, Do’s father tells him he is in a lot to debt and asks his son to stop school for a semester to help him out and that he would be required to move away as well. He refuses though as he feels that he has done enough up until now.

When Song goes to visit her usual bakery, the shop assistant tells her that a friend of her Mum came to the shop a while ago. When he visited the bakery, he mentioned that he is also running one in Jeonju and that it has the same name. With this newfound lead, Song runs out, ready to go and investigate some more. She calls Do to tell him where she is going and asks him to go with her, but he explains that he has things to take care off. The episode ends with Tae turning up next to Song in her bus, ready to go with her.

My First First love carries on with the same dose of humour, drama and romance as the previous episodes. Cheo Hun manages to infuse some of the missing humour back into the show and his attempt at winning Ga-Rin back is nicely done too. Seeing their relationship evolving has been very enjoyable and it will be interesting to see what will happen further on.

The added intrigue behind Song-I’s mother is a nice touch too and with Tae showing up at the last minute, we’re left wondering if that will change the way Song-I sees her relationship with D – especially now that he has more problems of his own. Will Tae and Song finally end up together? It seems to be heading this way.


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