Marry My Husband – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

A Betrayal and An Engagement

Episode 8 of Marry My Husband picks back up during the company’s retreat. Su-min leads Min-hwan to the water but it seems someone already got to the flag.

Back at the camp, Ji-won now has a cold thanks to her escapade in the water. Ji-won wonders what Ji-hyuk meant by saying he wants to be solid land and thinks she misheard him. The topic shifts to Min-hwan. Ji-won recalls that last time she won the single tent while Su-min won the fancy camper. This time, it’s the other way round.

Ji-won meets Ji-hyuk and they walk through the woods. She tells him that Min-hwan has probably used the money she lent him to buy Su-min a necklace. Apparently, he used the same move on her back then.

As predicted, Su-min gets the number four flag which is the single tent. She then sees Ji-won walking with the number one flag. Su-min tries to sneak up on Ji-won but the latter sees her coming and roughly pushes her to the ground. Ji-won walks away triumphantly but gets worried and goes back. Su-min, who predicted this, steals the flag.

Later at the ceremony with everyone else, it’s revealed that Ji-won still has the number one flag. A flashback shows that Ji-won fought Su-min back till she won the flag.

Afterwards, Su-min confronts Ji-won about why she’s being so harsh. Ji-won admits she doesn’t like Su-min anymore. She always yielded to Su-min but she’s going to stop now. After all, she needs to focus on starting a family with Min-hwan.

Of course, Ji-won feels bad about saying those things to Su-min. Thankfully, Ji-hyuk is around to assure her she’s a good person. As per Ji-won’s plan, she expects Su-min to punish her by going after Min-hwan.

Su-min walks away from the group, ensuring that Min-hwan sees her. He follows her to her tent and tries to comfort her. He makes a move on her and Su-min responds, with both of them passionately kissing. Ji-won watches them from afar, feeling upset at the betrayal despite everything. Ji-hyuk pulls her away and consoles her.

After she calms down, Ji-won talks about how she trusted Su-min and Min-hwan. Ji-hyuk tells her to focus on the fact that she won. She says she’s glad to have him around. He’s happy to be here as well.

In the morning, Min-hwan shows up and gaslights Ji-won about sleeping comfortably while lying about where he was. Su-min is standing off to the side watching them.

A flashback shows that after they had sex, Min-hwan told Su-min they shouldn’t tell Ji-won about this and just keep it as a beautiful memory. Naturally, this ticked her off.

At present, everybody convenes for breakfast. Su-min watches Min-hwan being overtly nice to Ji-won. Later, they all head back. Ji-won and Ji-hyuk both realise that their plan didn’t work the way they intended.

Back at home, Su-min scratches out Ji-won’s face on all their photos. At the gym, Min-hwan boasts about his ‘victory’ to his friend. The friend wonders if things will be okay at work.

At work, Min-hwan is assigned to go to a supermarket with Su-min, for some work. Before they leave, Su-min gives Ji-won a card. It’s a sweet letter where Su-min asks for forgiveness. If Ji-won hadn’t known the future, the letter would have swayed her.

Meanwhile, Eun-ho thinks about his interaction with Ji-hyuk at his restaurant. Ji-hyuk had lamented his own life and mooned over Ji-won, to Eun-ho’s chagrin. He said Eun-ho would be a better match for Ji-won since he’ll be alive even ten years down the line.

While working alongside Min-hwan at the supermarket, Su-min keeps doing things to attract his attention. It works and Min-hwan approaches her. She hands him a notebook which leaves him confused.

Back at the office, Ji-won gives a presentation on their meal kit project. Afterwards, Joo-ran thanks Seok-jun for giving her the opportunity to lead the project. He says he knows she’s capable of seeing it through.

Turns out, Su-min had written she “wants to do it” in the notebook. She and Min-hwan begin to get steamy in one of the storerooms but Su-min refuses to go ahead until he talks about them being together for real. He tries to avoid it but suddenly gets a phone call. Apparently, in their haste they forgot to put up the allergy sign and a customer is now having a medical emergency.

The man is taken to the hospital and the two apologise although they aren’t sincere about it. Min-hwan pays the couple off and is bragging about his money when he hears the news about TKU going down.

At work, Min-hwan rages to Ji-won about how much money he’s lost. Ji-won pretends to not understand any of it.

Later, Min-hwan tells Su-min that this situation is forcing him to marry Ji-won. Otherwise he would have fallen for Su-min. The latter agrees to not tell Ji-won but she has a glint in her eyes.

Min-hwan and Ji-won go for a drink. He tries to ask her for money in a roundabout way. Then he abruptly proposes to her but Ji-won just smiles.

Later on, Ji-won walks with Ji-hyuk how in the past, she had gotten deeper into debt because of Min-hwan. She then tells Ji-hyuk about the cat she used to feed back in college. One day, it just disappeared. Ji-hyuk then tells her about how jumped in front of a car to save a cat and ruptured his ligaments. It’s the same cat he has right now. Ji-won realises it’s the same cat and is overcome with emotion. They go to his house where she has a sweet reunion with the cat. Ji-hyuk even gives her the apartment’s passcode.

Ji-won then discussed her new plan to make sure Min-hwan doesn’t marry her. In the past, he proposed on her birthday with a makeshift sandwich cake and a few lame balloons. This time, her plan requires her to go through it again.

Ji-hyuk’s grandfather and Seok-jun discuss new technology that will enable U&K aerobatics but he’s worried about Ji-hyuk being distracted by Ji-won.

We then see Min-hwan give an elegant proposal to Ji-won, with drones and a beautiful ring. Ji-hyuk, Su-min and the others watch from the sidelines. She agrees and slips on the ring. Inwardly, she tells Su-min to do her best and marry her husband.

The Episode Review

Episode 8 picks up the pace a little and the plot takes a leap ahead, which is a refreshing change. Su-min and Min-hwan are so despicable but it makes for some delightful melodrama. It is weirdly satisfying to see them enact the betrayal that, in a way, they’ve already done before. Seeing Ji-won’s efforts come to fruition is fulfilling.

And the twist, that this is not the end, makes things even more interesting. Min-hwan being even more intent on marrying Ji-won is an intriguing turn of events and their engagements will definitely take the shenanigans up to the next level.

Marry My Husband continues to shine in its most melodramatic moments, with deft writing and believable character arcs. Unlike other shows, this one is better when it leans into the drama than away from it.

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