Marry My Husband – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Truth Revealed

Episode 7 of Marry My Husband starts with Ji-won telling Ji-hyuk everything she’s figured out about her new life. She informs him about her plan to get Min-hwan and Su-min to marry each other. They go to Ji-hyuk’s house to discuss things further. There, Ji-won becomes good friends his cat.

Ji-hyuk wonders why she doesn’t just run away from the whole situation. She then explains how Ji-hyuk ended up getting the scar that used to be on her own arm. So, she has to give her fate to someone else.

A flashback shows Ji-hyuk putting Ji-won’s urn in a columbarium. While leaving, his car doesn’t start and he gets into a taxi. The driver is Ji-won’s father (or his spirit, per se). Ji-hyuk talks to him about how he regrets not being closer with Ji-won in the past.

When Ji-won’s father asks what he would do with a second chance, he says he would use it to protect her. At present, Ji-won asks Ji-hyuk how he came to 2013. He lies and tells her he simply fell asleep and woke up in the past one day.

The next day, Joo-ran comes to work and gets a call from her unemployed husband, telling her to pick up her daughter from school that evening. She then comes across Ji-hyuk’s grandfather’s secretary — Lee Seok-jun. They exchange a look and it seems they have a linked past.

Ji-hyuk gets a call from Hui-yeon which makes him storm into office. The cause seems to be Seok-jun’s presence. As a member of the HR department, he is here to investigate the debacle with the meal kits. But they both know it’s really because Ji-hyuk’s grandfather wants him to keep an eye on things between Ji-hyuk and Ji-won.

As per his rules, the meal kit project will be led by Joo-ran instead of Ji-won, although the latter will be allowed to be on the team. Later, Ji-hyuk makes this announcement and Ji-won isn’t happy.

Min-hwan and Su-min, on the other hand, seem ecstatic to be on the team. Later, Min-hwan brings Su-min some strawberry milk and tells her about the company’s upcoming workshop.

After work, Ji-hyuk drives to the river and thinks about everything he’s learnt — particularly the fact that his death is inevitable unless somebody else dies in his stead. He then meets Eun-ho at his restaurant and asks him questions to make sure he’s not from the future too.

When he gets drunk and passes out, Eun-ho calls Hui-yeon. She arrives to help and Eun-ho recognises her as Ji-won’s friend.

Back home, Ji-won tries calling Ji-hyuk but can’t get through. The next day, Ji-hyuk is called to speak with his grandfather. He’s agreed to call off Ji-hyuk’s marriage with a woman named Yu-ra. When he asks to meet Ji-won, Ji-hyuk says that isn’t possible. He then walks away, determined to ensure Ji-won’s happiness.

At the office, people talk about Roijental’s rising stock value and Min-hwan blames Ji-won for losing his own stake. When he calls Ji-won away from her computer, Su-min sees that Ji-won has bought the stocks and buys some herself.

Meanwhile, Min-hwan tries to get Ji-wan to go out with him to a fancy dinner. When he claims to not have money, Ji-won agrees to lend him some to make sure that he doesn’t sell his TKU stocks. Instead of dinner, Ji-won says they should go somewhere on the weekend with Su-min.

They do indeed go for a picnic. When Min-hwan gets rid of a bug for Su-min, Ji-won recalls a memory of him doing that for her. Suddenly, she gets a work call and leaves.

Once she’s gone, Min-hwan tells Su-min he’ll teach her to ride a bike. However, the phone call Ji-won got was really from Eun-ho. She meets him by her office where he gives her flowers. Of course, Ji-hyuk watches and looks annoyed.

Ji-won goes up to meet Ji-hyuk and tells him about the picnic. In turn, Ji-hyuk tells her about Lee Seok-jun and how he is being an obstacle. He promises to help Ji-won as much as he can.

Later that day, Ji-hyuk once again visits Eun-ho’s restaurant and tells him he’s trying to gauge what kind of person he is, figure out whether he’s a player or not.

At work the next day, Ji-won and Joo-ran allow Hui-yeon to organize the next workshop. At the retreat, all the co-workers play a game and get allotted accommodation accordingly.

In Ji-won’s past life, Min-hwan got the 5th flag and slept in a sleeping bag. Su-min got 1 by manipulating Gyeong-uk. At present, Su-min and Ji-won overhear Hui-yeon say she hid it in the stream.

Ji-won comes across Ji-hyuk and tells him she has something to say. Despite him wanting to help her, she wants to do things on her own. She tells him to simply be her confidante. That’s when Ji-hyuk shows her the blue heart on his chest.

Her father sent him to help her so she should let him. Still, she encourages him to consider his own happiness and then heads off to get the flag in the stream.

Elsewhere in the woods, Su-min sees Min-hwan sitting alone, dejected. She then pretends to get hurt, which brings Min-hwan over. After flirting with him, she asks him to get the flag for her.

Back at the base camp, Ji-hyuk learns that the stream is too deep and actually dangerous. He rushes back and saves Ji-won, who tried to get the flag on her own but almost got sucked in the water. He angrily demands to know why she never asks for help.

She says that doing things on her own is what sets her apart from Su-min. Remembering what Ji-won had once said about feeling like she was on a boat, Ji-hyuk tells Ji-won that he wants to be solid land.

The Episode Review

Episode 7 is fairly slow despite the major reveal between Ji-won and Ji-hyuk. While it’s natural that the two characters have to exchange notes about this entire situation, the rest of the episode’s events seem to drag the pace down.

Min-hwan and Su-min continue to be absolutely insufferable and there are traces of Joo-ran playing a bigger role but they never move beyond being subtle hints.

What is interesting is Ji-hyuk realising that his death is inevitable. It is amusing to see the calm and stoic Ji-hyuk drown his angst in alcohol. His dynamic with Ji-won and their conversation about his role in her life also pushes their relationship to deeper levels. Overall, a decent episode that could have used a touch more drama.

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