Marry My Husband – K-Drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Meeting the In-Laws

Marry My Husband Episode 9 starts with Min-hwan’s lavish proposal for Ji-won. A flashback shows Ji-hyuk speak to Min-hwan and tell him that the company is giving Ji-won a lakeside villa for the weekend, as compensation for everything Kim Gyeong-uk did. Min-hwan then says that he plans on proposing to Ji-won there while celebrating her birthday. Ji-hyuk agrees to help and we learn that he organized the drones and the fireworks.

At present, by the lakeside, Su-min approaches Ji-won and apologises, saying they should be friends again. Ji-won denies her attempts. Su-min then stands on the edge of the pier and threatens to throw herself into the water.

Back at the villa, Ji-hyuk hears a splash. Meanwhile, Ji-won jumps in to save Su-min but Su-min grabs her and pulls her under. By the time Ji-hyuk comes, they both are out of the water. Later, Ji-won tells the others that Su-min slipped. Everybody goes up to sleep and Min-hwan is startled to find Su-min in his bed. She tells Min-hwan they should sleep together.

Downstairs, Ji-won tells Su-min the truth. That Su-min jumped and dragged her down. She’s genuinely scared. Hui-yeon comes into the room then and Ji-hyuk pulls Ji-won behind a pillar to hide them both. He then takes her out on a boat into the middle of a lake, a place he used to go whenever he felt confused. There, he consoles Ji-won and wishes her a happy birthday.

Back at work, Ji-won announces her engagement to everyone.  She tells Ji-hyuk to come to a department store on the weekend to watch her spend Min-hwan’s money. As per tradition, Min-hwan has to host a family dinner to introduce Ji-won to his family. Hui-yeon mentions that he has to buy her shoes and clothes before the dinner. Apparently, the best friend must also buy the bride shoes.

Later in the day, Su-min comes to Ji-won’s house and gifts her a pair of red heels — the same ones Su-min wore in the future. Su-min also gifts her cooking classes at Yuhan Mall, which was the same one Ji-won’s mother-in-law had attended in the future. Ji-won pretends to take the bait.

When the two go to the store’s cooking class, Kim Ja-ok, Min-hwan’s mother, turns up as well. Ji-won gets into an argument with her on purpose and Su-min comes across as the nicer, more obedient person.

Joo-ran is working when her daughter calls, crying and hungry. Her father should be at home but isn’t. Joo-ran rushes out but gets stuck in traffic. Just then, Joo-ran sees a man on a bike who turns out to be Lee Seok-jun. She asks him for a ride and he obliges. When she gets home, her husband is back and is feeding the daughter ramen, utterly unrepentant about leaving her alone.

At the cooking class, Ji-won continues to make a bad impression on Ja-ok on purpose. But in the end, her cooking impresses the class’s chef. A flashback shows how Ja-ok harshly taught her how to cook. At present, Ji-won uses these skills to shock Ja-ok. After the class, Min-hwan turns up at the mall. Ji-won called him to go shopping. She even invites Su-min, who claims to have plans and leaves.

Meanwhile, Ji-hyuk is on a flight and sees the expensive necklace that Min-hwan bought Su-min. At the mall, Ji-won spends his money on bags full of lavish products. She even buys the pink Chanel bag that Su-min had with her in the future. After the shopping, Eun-ho calls Ji-won and Min-hwan forcibly picks the phone up. Min-hwan ends up asking Eun-ho if they can have the family dinner at his restaurant for a discount.

Turns out, Eun-ho is sitting with the three girls who bullied Ji-won. Apparently, they want to apologise to her. Ji-won calls Eun-ho back and apologises for Min-hwan’s behaviour but he agrees to host the dinner for her anyway.

Ji-hyuk returns from Japan and goes to the hospital to meet his grandfather. He heard about Ji-hyuk using the yacht and drones and accused him of being a fool for Ji-won. Ji-hyuk recalls his death, which is due to occur in ten years, and gives his grandfather a hug.

On her way home, Ji-won finds Ji-hyuk waiting for her in his car. When they talk, Ji-hyuk claims he doesn’t know what he really wants to be in life. She tells him to start with the simple things that make him happy. He asks if he can hold her hand and she offers her own.

At Min-hwan’s house, his parents get ready for the family meeting. Su-min suddenly turns up in front of the house and flirts with Min-hwan again. When he finally comes to the restaurant, Ji-won hasn’t arrived yet. She enters just after his parents arrive, wearing a skin tight black outfit that they clearly find inappropriate. Through the meal, Ji-won antagonises Ja-ok.

At his house, Ji-hyuk signs a set of papers that will ensure his cat is taken care of during his absence. He then opens a box with the same sparkling necklace from before, which he’s bought for Ji-won.

At the restaurant, Ja-ok tells Ji-won she will need to change to be accepted into the family, giving her a long list of instructions. Ji-won plays along until she makes a rude comment about her father. She then stands up against Ja-ok and calls off the wedding. Min-hwan goes after her but Ji-won breaks up with him. When he physically grabs her, Ji-won puts her judo training to use and flips him onto the ground at the end of Marry My Husband Episode 9.

The Episode Review

The drama is intensifying but that’s only making this show better and better. As I said before, the more this story leans into the ‘crazy’, the more delicious it becomes for the viewer. Episode 9 gives Su-min an even nastier edge, makes Min-hwan come across as even more crass, and in turn rewards Ji-won with a stirring win over her opponents. This is not a realistic take on friends and lovers but an exaggerated, soapy version of it, and man are we slurping it all down.

Ji-won and Su-min’s battle of the wits is a thrilling watch, particularly when we learn how Ji-won is manipulating the situation to her advantage. The relatively quick pace of the episode helps keep the viewer glued to the screen as well. Even Ji-hyuk’s misery helps push Marry My Husband Episode 9 by furthering his relationship with Ji-won. All in all, a nice healthy serving of the dramatic.

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