Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 13 Recap & Review

The Wind Will Always Embrace The Sky

Trigger Warning: Mentions of grooming, sexual abuse and assault

Episode 13 – or the season finale – of Love in the Air starts with Sky, Rain, and Sig talking about their recent exams. Sky gets a text from Prapai mentioning that he will not be able to meet Sky because of a race later that night. Prapai promises to bring Sky food after the race. Seeing how Sky is flirting with Prapai over text, Sig and Rain start teasing him about it.

Rain and Sky decide that they should go to see the next race together since Rain had a lot of projects to finish that day.  The episode moves to a flashback showing how Sky ended up smoking and drinking because of his friends. We also see Sky meet his ex, Gun and how the man hooks up with and grooms a teenager, Sky.

Sky thinks he loves Gun but the latter abuses Sky. His friends notice the cigarette burns and injury marks on Sky but the teenager is love-struck. Sky continues to get abused by Gun and eventually gets assaulted by Gun and his friends. Present-day Sky wakes up with a nightmare about the incident and tries to get in touch with Prapai.

Sky is able to calm himself down after hearing his boyfriend’s voice and explains that he had a nightmare and was really missing him. He asks Prapai to rush back home to him. At the race, Prapai leaves Payu by letting him know that Sky needed him. On the way out, he meets Gun and his friend who asks Prapai about his relationship with Sky.

Unbeknownst to Gun’s past with Sky, Prapai mentions how cute Sky is asking the duo to stay away from him. Prapai rushes back home to Sky and the latter greets him with a back hug. Sky asks Prapai to hold him and the biker takes care of Sky. Sky kisses Prapai and the two start making out and eventually make love.

Prapai helps Sky clean up and the two talk to each other as they fall asleep in each other’s arms. A while after, Sky and Rain are at another one of the bike races in order to surprise Prapai and Payu. Sky is initially worried but calms down once Prapai greets him. The two are all over each other as they flirt around in public.

Payu asks Prapai to get ready for the race next and Prapai asks Payu to take care of Sky when he is racing. Rain and Sky are cheering for Prapai but Sky realises he has left his phone in Rain’s car and goes by himself to get it. At the car, Gun spots Sky and comes up to talk to him.

Sky is already scared. Meanwhile, Gun’s friend talks to Prapai who has just finished his race. He tells Prapai that he wanted to hook up with a girl and wanted to use Prapai’s spare room. Prapai eventually agrees by threatening him against doing anything illegal. Payu warns Prapai about the guy and asks him to cut off his friendship with him because he seems shady.

Gun, on the other hand, tries forcing himself on Sky but the latter courageously pushes him away. Gun warns Sky that Prapai actually did not really love him planting the seed of doubt in his mind. After Sky moves away, he tries to reassure himself that Prapai really loves him and was not someone he could not trust.

Rain spots Sky and is worried about him going pale all of a sudden. Sky states that he will be going back home since he was not feeling well and insists that Rain should stay back to watch Payu race. Rain insists and drops Sky at Prapai’s apartment in order for him to rest.

In the basement of the building, Sky promises to let Prapai know his inhibitions that night and goes up to the room to find Gun and his friends waiting inside. Sky tries to leave but they force him into the bedroom and start assaulting him, physically as well as sexually. Sky breaks down and eventually stops fighting back against Gun when the latter claims that Prapai gave him the room keys in order for Gun to take advantage of Sky.

Sky is sure that Prapai would not use him as a toy but Gun’s argument convinces him eventually. At the racetrack, Prapai asks Payu about Sky but Payu mentions that Rain dropped him at Prapai’s apartment because he was not feeling well. Prapai suddenly recalls that Gun’s friend has the keys to his apartment and the trio rush to get Sky. Prapai breaks into the room and him and Payu fight off Gun’s friends and beat him.

Prapai rushes to the bedroom and sees Gun assaulting Sky. He beats Gun and his friend up. Prapai tries to talk to Sky but the latter is numb and would not respond to Prapai. Prapai yells to get him to speak or react and Sky asks Prapai if he would let Sky be only his and never share him with anyone anymore. The biker gets furious and covers Sky up with a blanket.

He promises Sky that everything will be okay and leaves Rain to take care of Sky in the room. Prapai goes to the other room and beats Gun and his friends up with Payu. Payu pulls Prapai away when he notices that Gun had already passed out with Prapai still beating him to a pulp. Prapai comes back to his senses and goes to see Sky.

Payu takes Rain away as Prapai tries to talk to Sky. Sky is motionless and numb again and Prapai breaks down watching him in such a state. Sky asks why Prapai was crying and the businessman claims that since Sky was not crying, he would do the crying for Sky. Prapai tries his best to console Sky and gives promises him that he will always be there for him.

Prapai comforts Sky and helps him recover from what happened. He takes Sky to his family house and the two rest for a while. Sky tells Prapai what happened with Gun in the past and explains how he was assaulted by him over many years. Prapai breaks down hearing Sky’s emotional story and Sky asks him if he could trust Prapai. Prapai promises to never make Sky cry or go through something like this again. He wonders why he didn’t meet Sky before.

Prapai promises to protect Sky through everything that comes their way and Sky is finally recovering to feel better. The next morning, Sky wakes up in Prapai’s bed and goes to hug Prapai on the balcony. Sky is worried about what Prapai’s family would make of him because he stayed the night in his house. Prapai claims that his family would like that there was finally someone who put the biker in his place and would adore Sky.

Sky thanks Prapai for protecting him from Gun and being there for him. Prapai claims that it was his duty as his lover and explains that P’Pakin and P’Chai would take care of Gun. Sky shares that when he was first dealing with the assault,  he heard the views of an actor that inspired him. Prapai is happy that Sky had someone to look up to and the two kiss on the balcony.

An epilogue from a month later shows Prapai working in his office when Sky greets him with a  cup of coffee. Prapai tells Sky who his family members are and Sky is shocked to learn that his favourite actor who inspired him in the past is Prapai’s uncle.

Sky asks to meet the actor but Prapai jokingly states that he was jealous of anyone even if it was his own uncle. The episode ends with Sky kissing Prapai.

The Episode Review

The episode was so hard to watch and I am really sad about how Sky’s trauma was all rushed in one episode. I wish the makers invested more time on Sky and Prapai’s story but what we got was still pretty great. The intensity with which Feat plays Prapai is certainly apt.

It was really endearing to see how Prapai tried to get Sky back to his senses by crying for him. The friendship Sky shares with Rain also shined in this episode while Payu standing up for his friend’s boyfriend was a sight. Petition for Boss to star in a mafia drama, please!

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