Love In The Air – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap & Review

When the Sky Surrenders to the Wind

Episode 12 of Love in the Air starts with Prapai helping Sky with his college project. After Prapai cuts his finger with one of the blades, Sky is worried about the biker. Sky begins ranting about Prapai not being careful which makes the biker smile. The student tends to his partner’s wound with ointment and Prapai jokes with Sky teasing him.

Prapai tells Sky that his wound will only heal faster if Sky kisses it and the latter complies with the request shocking Prapai. The next day, Prapai is at the garage with Saifah who wonders why the biker is so engrossed in looking at his finger. Prapai starts talking about his relationship with Sky as Payu joins them.

The twin brothers mock Prapai about being a lovebird as the businessman gets a text from Sky prompting him to leave the conversation. Sky has invited Prapai to shop for stationery from a shop that sells items at a cheap price. Prapai claims that the stationary is much cheaper at the University and exposes Sky for lying about the cheap prices as a ploy to hang out with Prapai. The couple then goes on a date where Sky is busy grilling meat for Prapai to eat.

Prapai tries to feed Sky from his hands. The sky is shy because they are in public but the student eventually gives in and eats the piece of meat as Prapai announces their relationship to the restaurant staff. Prapai asks Sky why his cheeks were red from the chaotic interaction Sky lies stating that he was not blushing but it was only the weather. Soon, Prapai gets a call from his friend asking him to attend a birthday party.

Prapai and Sky are at the former’s apartment where he is collecting a present for the person whose birthday party he was invited to. Prapai does not want to leave Sky to go back to his apartment on his own and asks Sky to tag along with him. The two end up reminiscing about the last time they spent in Prapai’s apartment and end up making out as they confess their feelings for each other.

After their intense make-out session, Prapai drives to his friend’s party and leaves Sky in the car. Prapai wants to make an appearance at the party before dropping Sky back home. After Prapai has left to go inside, Sky is embarrassed about the way he confessed his feelings for Prapai but he blushes still. Inside the house, Prapai meets his friends and other acquaintances that he used to have flings with.

Prapai is trying to rush home when he runs into Bas, who was one of his ex-flings. Sky needs to use the rest room so he leaves the car. On his way to the restroom, he overhears two women talking about Prapai and Payu’s popularity with the men and women at the party. They claim that Payu seems to be off the market because he has a boyfriend now but Prapai is still someone they can chase as he is easy.

Sky grows uncomfortable and begins to leave the room when he notices Prapai sitting by the pool with Bas drooling over him. He is upset and begins to tear up as he makes his way back to the car. Inside the car, he recalls how he had fallen for his ex-boyfriend, Gun and sobs because he had gotten himself hurt again.

Prapai is trying to excuse himself from Bas and he tells his ex-fling about Sky, calling him the cutest person he has ever been with. Prapai asks Bas to not look for him anymore since he was a taken man and leaves to go to the car. He spots Sky sleeping inside and gives him a kiss on the cheek before dropping him home. After Prapai drives off, one of Gun’s friends named Petch calls him to tell him about Sky being with Prapai.

In the car, Sky is upset about the way he fell in love with Prapai. Over the next few days, Sky keeps blowing Prapai off by not meeting him or responding to his texts and calls. Sky goes to the extent of staying with Sig in his apartment and not returning to his own apartment knowing that Prapai would meet him there.

Prapai is enraged because he cannot get in touch with Sky and P’Joy is worried because she has never seen the businessman so angry. Prapai’s family is also worried about his rage. The biker calls Sky from one of his burner phones and Sky claims that he was only pranking Prapai but claims that Prapai took his joke too seriously.

Sky claims that he did not have any feelings for the biker and would like to end his prank altogether. Sky tells Sig that he is moving apartments and will not return back to his old one. After a week since his last meeting with Prapai, Sky goes back to his old apartment in order to collect one of his old notebooks.

Once inside the apartment, Sky gets worried when he couldn’t find the notebook only for Prapai to be seated in the dark room behind him holding the book in his hand. Prapai reads out the endearing notes Sky had made about Prapai over the course of their relationship.

Sky breaks down and asks Prapai to stop because he cannot take being hurt all over again. Prapai consoles Sky and the two reconcile as they confess their love for each other. The biker reassures Sky that he only had eyes for Sky and no one else. Sky asks Prapai what he could to never let Prapai get bored of him. Prapai reassures the biker that being just the way he is was good enough.

The student reveals that he had a very tumultuous past relationship and did not want to be hurt because he saw Prapai with someone else at the party. Prapai reassures Sky that he was not the same person as Sky’s ex and claims that he was blindly in love with the student.

The next day, Rain chaotically interrogates Sky and Prapai about their relationship. Prapai and Rain bicker as Payu and Sky silently watch the two chaos makers interact. Sky eventually ends up defending Prapai leaving Rain shocked.

The Episode Review

I sense that the show is coming to an end but I wish that the makers would have introduced Sky’s traumas a bit earlier on. Sky and Prapai are soulmates and Sky comes from a place of a lot of trust issues.

Had this show followed a linear plot with the stories of both couples being said at the same time, we could have seen a longer show with more episodes.

With more episodes, fans would also be able to connect with the trauma but there are only some things we can expect from Thai BL shows with the way they are produced. Sky and Prapai’s story is much more intense than that of Rain and Payu which makes the second half of Love in the Air much more serious.

I am looking forward to the season finale and from what it looks like, Prapai will help Sky overcome his trauma and the couple is bound to have a happy ending.

The story of a player and bad boy like Prapai being deeply in love with a sad boy like Sky is very interesting and I wish the makers had invested more time in the individual #SkyPai story.

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