Love In The Air: Special – Season 1 Episode 14 Recap & Review

Story of Love in the Air

The Special episode of Love in the Air starts with Rain and Sky sitting by the swimming pool and sulking. The two friends are talking about their grievances with their respective biker boyfriends. Sky shares an incident when he visited Prapai’s office, and explains how he was held hostage by Prapai’s younger brother because he adores Sky a lot.

According to Sky’s narration, Prapai and his brother had an argument because Prapai wanted to keep Sky to himself but his brother told their mother about Sky and made sure they had a family dinner with Sky. Rain jokes that being liked by the family of one’s boyfriend is a good thing and begins explaining his gripe when it comes to Payu.

Rain explains how he was made to try on a Hanbok in college for a Korean cultural festival. After modelling for Sky and Sig, Rain is shocked to see Payu enter the room, dressed in a hanbok himself with Ple and an army of girls swooning over him. Rain is annoyed that Ple got Payu to model the outfit when he does not even go to college with them.

Moreover, Rain gets frustrated when the girls as well as his friends, Sky and Sig start taking pictures of and with Payu. Rain drags Payu outside and gives the alumni an earful for volunteering to wear a cosplay outfit outside their bedroom. He states that Payu looked really nice in the outfit and he did not like how everyone was swooning over him.

Payu also claims that Rain looked great in his outfit as well and warned that if Rain did not take the costume off, he would also not take his own outfit out. Rain drags his boyfriend out to get them both changed up to avoid more chaos. Back to the present day, Sky laughs at Rain’s naive self and tries to explain how Rain was sulking for no reason.

Rain suddenly asks if Sky had called Prapai “Daddy”. Sky is shocked and starts laughing when the episode moves to a flashback. Rain was busy on his phone when Payu asked him to study for a while. The student joked that Payu behaved like he were Rain’s father and the biker took this as a teaching moment to show Rain what Daddy really meant. Their lovemaking ends with Rain addressing Payu as ‘daddy’.

Present-day Sky mocks Rain knowing full well that the question Rain asked him was probably because Payu had done something to him. Sky asks Rain about his trip with Payu and the latter of the two claims that Payu was busy so he had no company. Sky claims that he had just visited his hometown with Prapai and did not have any more time to go on a trip.

Rain wonders if Sky took Prapai to see his family. Sky tells him he was being nosy while Rain asks a TMI question to Sky wondering what Prapai’s “size” was. Sky gets flustered and Rain nags him for fun. Another flashback shows Sky visiting Prapai at his office. The two are seated in the conference room where Prapai was busy working and Sky played on his mobile phone.

Once he was done with work, Prapai invited Sky to have a meal with him but the student was too busy to take his eyes off the phone. Frustrated that his boyfriend was not giving him any attention, Prapai starts undressing Sky and starts making out with him. Sky continues to put on the act of playing on his phone when Prapai tries to get his attention by making love to him at the conference table.

Back to the present day, Payu and Prapai observe their boyfriends having fun bickering by the pool. The next day, Payu is talking to a female friend when Rain observes him being too close to her and leaves without confronting the two. Meanwhile, Prapai waits for Sky to arrive so they can have a meal together when his ex-girlfriend shows up at the table.

She starts touching Prapai’s arm when Sky arrives. Prapai is shocked to see Prapai put the girl in her place when he claims that Prapai was his boyfriend. Sky is still having a hard time believing Prapai but the latter tries his best to convince Sky that he only had eyes for him.

When Sky gets up to go to the restroom, Prapai’s ex finds him again and tries to plant a seed of doubt in the mind of the student against Prapai. Sky tells the girl that Prapai had publicly admitted to dating him and being in love with him, something that he was sure Prapai had never done with her.

The girl is embarrassed and leaves in a fuss but Sky is furious and calls Rain to go on a trip together without informing their boyfriends. Rain picks Sky up and over their car ride, they promise to not bring up their respective partners for the entirety of the trip.

The two are adamant about not talking about their boyfriends but the task seems very impossible as they already miss Payu and Prapai. Meanwhile, the bikers are busy looking for their boyfriends at the dorms. They run into Sig who reveals the location of Rain and Sky’s trip. Rain had sent their entire location and room number to Sig possibly with the hope that Sig would inform Payu so that the biker could come looking for him.

Rain and Sky arrive first at the beach and they are trying to have fun but are already bickering with each other. They have some drinks by the pool to relax but as time passes, their energy dwindles as they clearly miss their boyfriends but do not want to mention the bikers because of their petty bet.

Payu and Prapai show up at the location at which Rain and Sky were staying and find the two students at the beach. Sky ends up coaxing Rain into mentioning Payu and the latter claims that he was actually missing Payu. Payu sneaks up behind Rain and drags him inside the house. Sky warns Prapai against trying to drag him as Payu did to Rain and the couple try to sort out their differences in a different manner.

Sky claims that he will forgive Prapai if he did everything Sky asked him to do and the latter agrees to the condition. Rain and Payu are in the bedroom when Payu tries to calm Rain down and asks the reason behind his anger. Rain asks Payu to cosplay as a pilot if he wanted to be forgiven and Payu does so without question. Meanwhile, Prapai is tasked with not reacting to anything Sky does to him.

Sky asks Prapai to take a bath in the bathtub and Prapai has to agree. In their room, Payu is dressed as a pilot and Rain’s anger has already started to melt. Rain blurts out why he was angry with Payu and brings up the girl he was with the other day. Payu clarifies that he was talking to her in order to book a trip to surprise Rain.

He adds that she wanted to seek a favour from Payu which is why she had gotten close to him. Rain realises his mistake but asks Payu to dress in a lab coat. Rain gets shy thinking about how much Payu loves him but Payu leaves the room dressed in nothing but a towel.

Payu claims that he wants to make up to Rain after their misunderstanding and the two make out in bed. Meanwhile, Prapai is inside the pool when Sky joins him but keeps him from touching him. Sky tells Prapai that he is not allowed to touch him or react to anything Sky does or says.

In the tub, Sky tries to turn Prapai on by kissing him but the biker is having a hard time because he is not allowed to react to anything that Sky does. Sky warns Prapai and asks him to ask his exes to stop pestering him. Prapai tries to calm Sky down by apologising for his exes troubling him.

The next day, both couples are having breakfast with Prapai and Rain bickering per usual. Rain and Payu talk about going on a trip together soon and Rain promises to do well every semester if that meant he could go out on a trip with him. Prapai and Sky are walking by the beach where the businessman asks Sky to marry him.

Sky jokes that same-sex marriage was not legal in Thailand and the couple agrees that someday when it is legalized, they would marry each other and look after each other for the rest of their lives. The episode comes to an end with the two couples playing in the seawater.

The Episode Review

Love in the Air ended on such a fun note. With no loose ends, we cannot foresee a second season for the Thai BL but we can all hope. I like how Sky and Prapai are more secure about their long-term future considering the past Sky has had. It is also great to see Rain coming to terms with the ill effects of his own temper tantrums.

The two couples are extremely different and I wish there was more to their stories. There really needs to be a complete spin-off series with Sky and Prapai as the main leads, because the story deserves a detailed retelling.

This episode was just as the title suggests, a special. It was a treat for fans and I am sure all fans of LITA enjoyed the sensual NC scenes as well as the romantic happy ending for both couples.

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  1. I agree that Prapai and Sky need their own spinoff even if it’s just a short series. Their story was so touching and I believe their future story would definitely bring viewers. But please leave off the extreme angst, there’s been enough of that in Sky’s life, a “normal” view of their life with them dealing with holdovers from Sky’s trauma and their daily life up to a ceremony would work well.

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