Kohrra – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Kohrra opens with a flashback from when Paul and Liam last visited India after finishing college. Manna belittles Happy in comparison to Paul, claiming that Paul is the prized possession of the Dhillon family. Present day, Amarpal interrogates Saakar and arrests him for his involvement in Paul’s death and Liam’s disappearance.

Sindha tries to kill Toti but the latter manages to escape by jumping into a waterbody off the highway. At the police station, Kulli finally agrees to confess the truth and narrates the incident from the night of Paul’s murder. He tells the cops that Paul and Liam had come to him to purchase cocaine but had fled when he was trying to convince them to buy heroin from him.

Kulli says that he tried to follow after the car but his scooter had broken down multiple times. He tells the cops that he continued to follow the path and reached the car a while after. Kulli believes that he saw that Paul’s car was empty and when he looked, he eventually found Paul’s body with his throat slit.

Kulli tried to steal Paul’s ring and watch but says that Paul was still alive. He confesses that he picked up a stone and hit Paul with it till the point that the NRI died before stealing his ring and smartwatch. Kulli tells the cops that he was indeed telling the truth about his involvement in Paul’s death and assures them that he wasn’t the one to slit Paul’s throat.

Meanwhile, Happy meets Pramod to hand him over the 20 lakh rupees. Before he can leave with the money, Happy threatens Pramod with a gun but is scared to shoot. Pramod disarms Happy and beats him to a pulp, threatening to slit his throat.

Pramod takes away the money and the gun, demanding another 20 lakhs from the car dealership owner to cover up Liam’s disappearance. At the same time, Toti wakes up in a hospital, hallucinating Liam’s presence.

At the police station, Amarpal tortures Saakar into confessing his involvement in the crime. Saakar reassures the cop claiming that he had no part in Paul’s death but was only involved in a brawl with him and Liam. Balbir invites Raman to Gold’s birthday party to stop him from asking questions about the child disappearing and hiding away on the school terrace.

Balbir gives Realtor and businessman Karan Gill and talks to him about seeing his daughter. He threatens Karan and asks him to steer clear of Nimrat because she’s a married woman and mother. Karan is not afraid of Balbir’s threats and asks him to be mindful of his status.

Manna learns that Happy was being threatened by Pramod. Balbir sees Toti in the hospital and learns that truck driver, Sindha, was involved in what had happened with Liam. At the same time, Veera is taken in for questioning at the police station while the media hounds them. She sees Saakar at the station and tries to reach out to him but is dragged away by Satnam.

The female inspectors beat Veera up and ask her about her involvement with both Saakar and Paul. She claims that she had first met Saakar and hooked up with him from 6 pm to 8 pm but had met Paul between 10:30 and 11:00pm that night. Balbir says that Saakar’s phone was in the same location as Paul and hers on the night of his murder.

Veera tells the cops that she has no knowledge of the crime but the female officers continue to beat her up. Balbir gets a call from Mrs Soni that Steve was thrashing their house. Steve attacks the Soni family house because he had found out that Veera’s ex-boyfriend had killed Paul.

Balbir takes Satnam to the Dhillon farmhouse and warns Steve against ruining his case. He warns Satnam for leaking confidential information about the case to Steve and threatens to arrest him on multiple charges if he continued to harm people around him. Amarpal goes looking for Sindha but learns that the truck driver was off delivering goods and would return the following day.

That night, Balbir visits Indira at her house and the two get chatting. Indira holds the police officer’s hand and tries to kiss him. The two make out when Indira’s mother-in-law asks about her deceased son – Nopi. Balbir panics and rushes outside, apologising to Indira.

Outside, Reporter Sodhi finds Balbir and claims that he was only trying to get intel on Paul’s murder investigation. Balbir warns Sodhi from meddling in his private life. Meanwhile, Amarpal meets Silky for a quick chat and the two have a romantic discussion about what they would like to do for their honeymoon.

That night, SSP Sikka tells Balbir that he needn’t look further and report that Kulli was the person who murdered Paul. Sikka claims that Punjab’s drug problem was something that they needed to solve instead of such murder cases. Balbir argues that forensics reported that the person who slit Paul’s throat was left-handed while Kulli was right-handed.

Sikka asks Balbir to give up on trying to complicate the case and close it as soon as possible. Balbir gets very drunk that night and tells Amarpal how he had been incompetent in everything he did all his life and that he would die incompetent too. He forgets about his grandson’s birthday and arrives home late.

Nimrat is disappointed in her father. That night, Amarpal’s brother – Jung talks to him about marrying Silky. Jung claims that he spent all his life working hard for Amarpal and claims that he managed to arrange 5 lakh rupees when Amarpal needed the money to get his job. He urges Amarpal not to make any drastic decisions that would ruin their perfect lives.

Amarpal tells his brother that he doesn’t want any part in their father’s property, which is worth 30 lakhs. He wants to start a family of his own and will not stop, no matter what. Rajji is pissed and scolds Amarpal for being ungrateful about her sacrifices for him.

He tells her that all that she did was for their family. Amarpal asks Raja to give up on trying to manipulate him. Balbir calls Reporter Sodhi to give him some intel on the case in exchange for silence on his personal matters.

The next morning, the news reports that Kulli, the person arrested for Paul’s murder was right-handed and that the person who slit Paul’s throat was left-handed. The episode ends with Amarpal and the cops chasing after Sindha as he flees, leaving his truck behind.

The Episode Review

Happy has a motive to kill off his cousin but it looks like he is in a bigger pickle for not being competent enough to deal with Pramod – the man he put on the job. He clearly wants to seek revenge on his cousin for being brighter and more loved while he is not smart enough to stop Pramod. He clearly needs Manna’s help and it looks like Manna is powerful enough to handle Pramod’s situation for his son.

I am excited to see the mystery unfold and it looks like Liam had something to do with Sindha and Toti. In fact, it is very likely that the truck driver run him over. However, it’ll be interesting to know if Liam had managed to escape or was already dead. If he has died, it will further complicate the case for Balbir and Amarpal.

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