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Episode 5

Episode 5 of Kohrra starts with a flashback from when Nopi was alive a few years before Paul’s murder. Nopi, a gym owner knows details about a politician’s case and Balbir takes him to a secluded place to talk about it. There, Balbir shoots Nopi in the head, killing him.

Present-day, Amarpal goes to Sindha’s house and learns that the man hadn’t been back home for months. Sidha’s wife asks Amarpal if he wanted to hook up with her and reveals that Sindha was one of those who was into men. At the same time, Balbir drags Happy to the police station in order to question him about his involvement with Pramod, the bus driver.

Amarpal talks to a transwoman and learns that Sindha often hooked up with another trans female sex worker named Roop. He finds Roop and asks her about Sindha and learns that the truck driver last met her the night before. At the police station, Balbir uses force to interrogate Happy and asks him about his involvement with Pramod.

However, SSP Sikka calls Balbir after getting a call from Manna. Manna arrives at the police station and sends Happy away while Balbir gets an earful from his superior and SSP Sikka for bringing in Happy without a warrant. Manna threatens Balbir and asks him to come back with a warrant if he wants any answers.

On their drive back, Manna slaps Happy and yells at him for trying to get his brother killed. Happy yells back at his father and claims that he was doing all this so that his father would respect him. Happy tells that he wanted to make sure Manna got the property he was chasing after. Manna is heartbroken that his son would feel that way.

That night, Amarpal drops Balbir to his house where he finds Karan and Nimrat together. Balbir is furious that Karan has the audacity to show up at his house. He locks Nimrat and Golu in a different room and goes outside to beat Karan up. He yells at Karan for ruining his daughter’s marital life and kicks him out of his house.

Balbir threatens more violence on Karan if he ever comes near Nimrat again. The next day, Roop gets ready to meet Sindha and leads the cops to him. Amarpal and the cops manage to nab Sindha and arrest him.

At the police station, Sindha is beaten up after which he confesses the truth about Liam. He claims that on the night of Paul’s murder, Liam walked into the street out of nowhere. Since Sindha and Toti were in the truck and there was a lot of fog (kohrra in Punjabi) on the streets, Sindha crashed into Liam and killed him with his truck by accident.

He tells the cops that they got rid of Liam’s body by dumping it into a well nearby. The cops find Liam’s badly decomposed body in the well while Amarpal argues with Balbir. He claims that if Happy could hire a bus driver like Pramod to kill Paul, it is possible that he’d hire a truck driver to get rid of Liam too.

Balbir goes to the Dhillon family home to tell Clara about the accidental demise of her son. Manna returns Happy’s licensed gun and tells him that Pramod will never trouble them again. That same day, Pramod’s decomposing body is found in a water body.

Later that night, Nimrat asks Balbir to go to Amarpal’s engagement ceremony, claiming that she was not feeling well and would stay back. Meanwhile, Manna asks Steve to meet him at their family property for a chat. Manna talks to Steve about Happy’s involvement in Paul’s accident. He tells his older brother that he was going to give up on the property and will let Steve have it if it was what he wanted.

Manna apologises for Happy’s actions and admits that he has always loved Paul as his own son, pointing out that Happy’s actions are misunderstood. Balbir arrives at Amarpal and Silky’s engagement ceremony with his grandson. Amarpal tells Balbir that Pramod’s dead body has been found but the cop asks Amarpal to focus on his personal achievements for now.

Jung asks Rajji to come join them for Amarpal’s engagement but she still seems bitter about Amarpal and Silky being together. Balbir is dancing at the ceremony trying to ignore his personal problems when he gets a call from Raman about Nimrat. At the same time, an LPG cylinder bursts at Amarpal’s engagement, stopping it from taking place.

Balbir rushes to the hospital to see Nimrat and learns that she had tried to end her own life. Raman tells Balbir that he was at the house to drop off Golu’s things and noticed Nimrat passed out in the bathroom from the window. Jung beats Rajji up for purposely blowing the LPG cylinder and she tells her husband that she’s in love with Amarpal and doesn’t want things to change.

Balbir tries to talk to Nimrat, who had just gained consciousness. The father-daughter duo discuss the fact that he forced her to marry someone whom she did not love. She tells him that she actually doesn’t want to marry Karan either but wants to study further.

Nimrat believes Raman blackmailed her just like Balbir used to blackmail her mother, Taran. She claims that after being forced into marriage, Nimrat was similarly forced to have a child when she did not want to have one at all. Overpowered by his guilt, Balbir pays Indira a visit and confesses that he was the person that killed Nopi, her husband. Balbir believes Nopi knew confidential information about a politician who helped Balbir in a personal matter.

He was apologetic about what he did and expresses his guilt to Indira. She is ashamed of her actions and goes into her room, sobbing. Balbir is driving the police car on his way back home. He gets a late call from the forensic doctor, who tells Balbir that Paul’s DNA was found on Liam’s genitals, claiming that Paul had performed fellatio on him before his death.

The episode ends with Balbir in a state of shock as he tries to process the events of the day, just as a truck crashes into Balbir’s car.

The Episode Review

The ending of this episode was so jarring. I can assume that there were many that would want Balbir dead and Manna was one of them. It is also possible that Karan had Nimrat’s father killed in order to punish him for his attack as well as for driving Nimrat to kill herself.

The sudden turn of events has complicated the case as it is clear that Veera first hooked up with Saakar and then went to meet Paul where she performed oral sex on him. However, it is possible that Liam and Paul hooked up after or before that.

It is also possible that Steve found his son in a compromising position with Liam and had, in turn, killed them both. Sindha’s preference for men or trans women may seem out of the blue but it is the hidden truth of many closeted Indian men who are forced to marry women due to societal pressure.

The use of real women from India’s transsexual community to play these characters was a good call on the maker’s part. I can’t wait to see how this one ends and I am looking forward to understanding what actually went down that night in the season finale.

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