Kohrra Season 1 Review – A perfect portrayal of class struggle

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Episode 1―| Rating – 4/5
Episode 2―| Rating – 3.5/5
Episode 3―| Rating – 4.5/5
Episode 4―| Rating – 3/5
Episode 5―| Rating – 5/5
Episode 6―| Rating – 4.5/5


Every month, Netflix offers a wide range of content that caters to audiences that like different genres. The newest crime drama from India is one that will have you hooked. Over the last few years, Indian crime dramas have had a way of encapsulating the culture and the various sensitivities that come with being a citizen of a country.

Kohrra is a  six episode crime thriller that narrates the story of the murder of an NRI (Non-resident Indian) and the abduction of a foreign national in the state of Punjab. The show takes viewers on an investigative journey as seen through the eyes of cops on the case. The two police officers investigating the case are sub-inspectors – Balbir Singh and Amarpal Garundi.

On the surface, Kohrra is a murder mystery and the chase really is to find the culprit. However, the show takes a dark and twisted turn, that makes you think about the many pertinent social issues. India is a country where a lot of regard is given to family honour and parents would go to any extent to make sure that their children grow up to retain the honour and name of their family.

Kohrra follows the murder of Paul Dhillon, a young NRI who is found murdered in the fields two nights before his arranged marriage. Paul’s best friend and best man, Liam is a British national who is in India to attend the wedding but goes missing on the night of Paul’s murder.

The cops on the case are a middle-aged man who is close to retirement called Balbir Singh, and a young man who is working on a big case for the first time, Amarpal Garundi.

We see the story unfold from the eyes of these cops and learn that they are people before being police officers. They too have many issues in their own personal lives that often intervene in the process of investigating the case at hand.

Balbir struggles with coming to terms with his actions and realising how he failed his family, his friends and himself. On the other hand, Amarpal has a hard time moving forward in his life when it is his family that pulls him down. The show highlights the complex familial relationships between characters and touches on topics that could come off as controversial to Indian society.

Kohrra is slow at first but eventually picks up pace as all loose ends are tied up in the season finale. The show does a stellar job of depicting the different sexual identities that exist in Indian society, one towards which many would like to turn a blind eye. The makers of the show have done a great job of representing the Transgender community of India too.

The show will seem like a slow burn but it packs a punch as it highlights the different struggles citizens of the country go through. The complicated family dynamics, greed, professional hierarchy, class struggle, and complex sexuality blend together to encapsulate Indian society and present it to the viewer.

Kohrra is a thrilling watch that will keep you glued to your screens till the end.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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