Kohrra – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of Kohrra starts with a flashback from Nimrat’s childhood where her mother, Taran, and Balbir were having a fight. Taran yells at her husband for forcing her to take medicine when she’s perfectly fine while Balbir assaults her for creating a scene. Taran packs up her bags and goes to her parent’s house, leaving Nimrat behind with her father.

Back in the present, Nimrat gets a call from her college friend who is settled in London. Preeti brags about her life and her luxury cars and bags while Nimrat has nothing to brag about. Nimrat asks if Preeti had been able to conceive a child but the latter claims that she and her partner are still trying. Nimrat tells Preeti about Golu and how she was going to pick up her son from school. 

Meanwhile, Satnam and Balbir are at the Soni house, interrogating Veera about the new findings in the case. They ask Veera about the fellatio and she confesses that she had met Paul at 11pm on the night of his murder. She promises that she didn’t killed Paul while Reporter Sodhi tries to peek inside the house to reveal the truth about the case.

Balbir scolds the reporter for violating the victim’s privacy in the name of journalism and asks him to stop. Amarpal meets Pramod’s relative and learns that the bus driver was a regular at the Peer Baba temple. Truck driver Sindha finds out that his partner Toti had fled. He starts looking for Toti frantically but panics when he is not able to find him. He tries calling Toti but is unable to get through to the young boy.

Balbir and Satnam visit Kulli’s family home and learn that he had overdosed on drugs and was admitted to the hospital. On their way to the hospital, Balbir notices Satnam texting someone on her new phone. Meanwhile, Pramod follows Happy outside his house. He threatens to expose Happy for trying to murder his cousin and asks for 20 lakh rupees in exchange for his silence.

Pramod claims that cops were chasing him and he could confess the truth that would make Happy the prime suspect in the murder. Happy asks Pramod to give him some time to arrange the funds. Balbir spots Steve at the hospital where Kulli was admitted and chases after him but Steve manages to run away.

Balbir goes back to meet Kulli and learns that he’s in for a cocaine overdose. At the same time, Amarpal takes half a day off to meet his potential bride. As the two chat, Rajji keeps calling Amarpal. Balbir’s superior leaves to go to the hospital asking him to talk to Clara about Liam’s case.

Clara demands answers about her son’s whereabouts but the cop is not able to communicate with the foreigner. He asks Clara to help give details of her last interaction with Liam when she yells at the cop for not doing his job.

That night, Sindha goes around looking for Toti but is not able to find him anywhere. Amarpal goes back home after work when Rajji scolds him for moving on and for trying to bring a new woman into their lives. He tells his sister-in-law that he was only starting a family of his own.

The next day, Balbir forcefully gets Kulli discharged from the hospital against the doctor’s advice and takes him in for questioning. Kulli is hysterical due to his drug cravings and refuses to answer questions about his involvement in Paul’s death.

At the same time, Nimrat calls Balbir telling him that Golu had gone missing from school. Balbir blames her for being negligent and goes looking for his grandson. After searching all over the school, Balbir finds Golu on the school terrace, sitting by himself. Meanwhile, Sindha finally finds Toti at the bus station.

The boy is also under the influence of drugs and keeps looking at a foreigner at the bus stand. That night, Balbir tells Nimrat that Golu needed a father figure in his life. Nimrat claims that Balbir was the problem because despite having a father figure in her life, she was a mess just like her mother.

That night, as Balbir waits outside her house, Indira brings him something to eat. The next day, Happy withdraws 20 lakh rupees from the bank and goes to meet Pramod. The teller at the bank calls Manna to tell on him. At the same time, Amarpal and the cops find Pramod at the temple but are unable to chase after him despite their best efforts.

In the police station, Balbir finds Kulli in a bad state due to drug withdrawal. He attempts to scold Amarpal for causing the poor boy to be in a state of distress but Amarpal shows him the CCTV footage from the bar. The episode ends with the cops seeing footage of Saakar getting into a brawl with Liam and Paul at the bar on the night of Paul’s murder.

The Episode Review

There is so much to unpack with Balbir’s past and the beginning of this episode makes it clear why he and Nimrat have such a strained relationship. Keeping the case aside, Nimrat and her friend’s phone call was so petty that the women were bragging about their respective lives and taunting the other for not having what they had. 

There is little to no development in Paul’s murder case and the cops struggle to maintain a balance between their personal and professional lives. Saakar’s involvement in Paul’s death initially seemed improbable but the CCTV footage from the night of Paul’s death complicates things. With three episodes left in the show, I can’t wait to see how the show ends.

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