K-Drama Viewer Ratings (9th May – 15th May)

Welcome to another week of K-drama content! We are well and truly underway with May and as the warmer weather comes sweeping in, the weekend ratings war continues!

Weekly Viewership Ratings

Monday 9th of May Network Rating
Bloody Heart – ep 3 KBS 5.3%
Woori The Virgin – ep 1 SBS 4.1%  


Tuesday 10th of May Network Rating
Bloody Heart – ep 4 KBS 5.4%
Woori The Virgin – ep 2 SBS 4.5%


Wednesday 11th of May Network Rating
The Killer’s Shopping List – ep 5 TVN 2.3%
Green Mother’s Club – ep 11 JTBC and Netflix 4.2%
Love All Play – ep 7 KBS 1.4%


Thursday 12th of May Network Rating
The Killer’s Shopping List – ep 6 TVN 3.3%
Green Mother’s Club – ep 12 JTBC and Netflix 4.4%
Love All Play – ep 8 KBS 1.6%


Friday 13th of May Network Rating
Again My Life – ep 11 SBS 10.7%
Tomorrow – ep 13 MBC 2.3%
Shooting Stars – ep 7 TVN 1.3%


Saturday 14th of May Network Rating
It’s Beautiful Now – ep 13 KBS 23.1%
Again My Life – ep 12 SBS 9.5%
Our Blues – ep 11 TVN and Netflix 10.4%
Tomorrow – ep 14 MBC and Netflix 3.1%
My Liberation Notes – ep 11 JTBC and Netflix 4.1%
Showtime Begins! – ep 7 MBC  3.3%  
Shooting Stars – ep 8 TVN 1.6%


Sunday 15th of May Network Rating
It’s Beautiful Now – ep 14 KBS 23.9%
Our Blues – ep 12 TVN and Netflix 10.8%
My Liberation Notes – ep 12 JTBC and Netflix 5.0%
Showtimes Begins! – ep 8 MBC 4.6%


We are currently covering the following:

Green Mother’s Club
Again My Life
Our Blues
My Liberation Notes
Woori The Virgin


Our Thoughts:

Woori The Virgin is shaping up to be quite the intriguing early week hit, and although Bloody Heart is gaining more traction from the nationwide views, it wouldn’t surprise us if it’s Woori The Virgin that gains the plaudits with worldwide fans. The first couple of episodes certainly gets things off to a promising start.

The weekend wars continue to rage on with My Liberation Notes gaining on the viewing percentages and Our Blues just about hanging on to the top spot above Again My Life, which has really leaned into its law drama now, for better or for worse.

So that pretty much rounds up our weekend of dramas! We’re a little behind with these articles (apologies for that!) but should get the next one up a little more timely, diving into the weekly ratings for this week’s big dramas.

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What do you make of the ratings this week? Is there anything that’s surprised you? What shows are you currently watching at the moment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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