Again My Life – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

The Flames Of Betrayal

Episode 12 of Again My Life starts with Hui-Wu realizing that his fate is entwined with numerous others. Even though he’s returned, other people are dying – others like Chairman Kim. Ji-Hyun is the reaper in all this and as they cross paths silently at the graveyard of all places, it reinforces just how precarious this whole situation is.

Back in Tae-Seob’s office, Hui-Wu decides to make a play, teaming up with Tae-Seob to take out Soek-Hoon. He brings up the secret investigation into Bando Bank and spins it as if it was Seok-Hoon’s idea. Specifically, he tells Tae-Seob this is an attempt to put a leash on the big boss.

Tae-Seob decides to take care of this, ripping up the documents and promising to repay Hui-Wu’s loyalty. Knowing this could be used as blackmail or leverage, Hui-Wu chooses against taking anything from him.

With the hornets nest prodded, Hui-Wu heads off to see Assemblyman Hwang next, telling him his plan. He’s also going to intentionally leak information about Bando Bank investigation in order to ignite the flames of public hostility. After giving it some thought, Hwang joins forces with him. He also warns that this is the last play; the dogfight to end all dogfights. There will be no plan B after this – this is it.

Thankfully, Hui-Wu has a good team by his side, including Gyu-Ri who promises to do right, even if this could cost her her career. However, things are made that much harder by Seok-Hoon deciding to keep a tail on Hui-Wu. Hui-Wu is clever and knows this but decides to play dumb.

Meanwhile, Tae-Seob believes that Hui-Wu is trying to take down Seok-Hoon in order to get Seok-Kyu instated in his spot, working with Tae-Seob to undermine Seok-Hoon. Tae-Seob shakes his head when he makes this connection, calling him a brazen brat. This could throw a spanner in the works, especially as Gyu-Ri hands over the details and the press start to run with the story. Tae-Seob inevitably finds out and brings Hui-Wu back into his office.

Tae-Seob approves the investigation into Seok-Hoon, which of course would wipe his own hands free of responsibility. Hui-Wu has already started this, given his files on JQ Constructions, but he tells Tae-Seob that it’ll take time to build a case.

Hui-Wu shows up to see Jang Il-Hyun next, giving him a proposition to help take down Seok-Hoon. After spilling details on the JQ construction case, thanks in part to Ji-Hyun showing up, Hui-Wu leaves and heads back to the office. His tail is still on him though and ends up snapping photos of the two together.

After updating Seok-Hoon on the Bando bank investigation, both he and Hui-Wu are brought in to see Tae-Seob. It’s a tricky situation, but Hui-Wu does manage to navigate through this test. It’s a play to see how loyal Hui-Wu is and he manages to weather this storm nicely.

That night, Hui-Wui encourages Lee Min-Soo to buy up shares in JQ Contraction. He’s going to become the CEO there when they make their play.

Eventually Hui-Wu confronts Choi Kang-Jin about his tailing, telling him that it was Tae-Seob’s idea to visit Il-Hyun in prison. After this, Hui-Wu receives a call from Tae-Seob, telling him to stop investigating JQ. Hui-Wu is well aware of this and nonchalantly shrugs it off. Tae-Seob is certainly intrigued by his lack of care to hearing this.

Just then, Hui-Wu receives a visit from his contact, who hands over evidence of Executive Director Shin Dae-Yong, who’s responsible for corruption in Gusan. He’s about to send it over to Gyu-Ri which will, in turn, make this public.

This also has a knock-on effect of allowing Managing Director Young-Il of JQ Constructions to be taken down on grounds of embezzling funds – just as Hui-Wu wanted. The Eastern District are about to come under fire for this but Hui-Wu has warned them in advance, and believes they can weather the storm.

With everything heating up, Tae-Seob meets with Seok-Hoon and decides to let him become the next Prosecutor General. He demands Seok-Hoon not cross the line again, choosing not to make him pay for the Bando Bank investigation. Tae-Seob also decides to take care of the “righteous prosecutor” himself.

While this is going on, the man in a black suit – the same one who killed Hui-Wu all those episodes ago – comes after Prosecutor Gu. Thankfully Hi-Wu shows up with a facemask. Just before they fight, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The final fight is now upon us, with Tae-Seob choosing not to out Seok-Hoon and go against his best judgment. He’s figured out that Hui-Wu is playing a much bigger game and this could well throw a huge spanner in the prosecutor’s plans to take him down.

These past few episodes have really started to ramp up the tension and drama, with the different puzzle pieces slotting together nicely in this legal drama. I say legal because this series has essentially turned into this, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The cat and mouse game between Tae-Seob and Hui-Wu has been fascinating to watch and the ending hints that we’re about to move into much more dramatic waters in the future.

Again My Life looks to be going out with a bang, and with less than a handful of episodes to go, will Hui-Wu make it out of this one unscathed?

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