Our Blues – K-Drama Episode 12 Recap & Review

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Episode 12 of Our Blues picks up where we left off, with Captain Jun answering Yeong-Ok’s phone. However, the caller on the other end of the line doesn’t answer.

Yeong-Ok eventually takes her phone and heads outside. Apparently whoever it is is painting, although she does mention that Jun is her boyfriend. Yeong-Ok also promises to visit them next month.

So who was on the phone? Yeong-Ok is aware of the rumours circulating about her but as she sits with Jun, reveals that it’s not another guy or an estranged child. That’s good enough for him and enough to trust her with whatever secret she may be keeping.

With both of them starting to sober up, Jun decides to head inside and make the bed ready for them to sleep. In the morning Jun has a huge smile plastered on his face, as he drives with Gi-Jun who susses out that he slept with Yeong-Ok.

Out on the water, Yeong-Ok ends up diving but she gets her flipper caught in a net. Luckily, she’s close by to the others and they’re able to get down and help her. It also reinforces just what the women were talking about before, sticking together in the water to prevent an accident.

However, the other women all blame Yeong-Ok for her recklessness, pointing out that Chun-Hui could have died and they only got to dive for an hour rather than 4 because of her greediness.

Unfortunately this ends up as the last straw and all the old women leave, refusing to stick around. Yeong-OK’s greediness is called into question again when she’s alone with Chun-Hui shortly afterwards.

With little other choice, Yeong-Ok opens up and admits the truth about her parents. She tells Chun-hui about them passing when she was younger and how they overworked themselves while alive before eventually ending up in a car accident.

Chun-Hui forces Yeong-Ok to open up about who she’s on the phone to, otherwise she can forget about working there again. As the camera pans to outside, with the sea reflected in the glass, we don’t actually see what they’re talking about but it’s enough for her to break down crying.

In the wake of all this drama, Ko Mi-Ram is about to head back to Jeju Island. That puts Eun-Hui on edge, as she picks her up from the airport.

It’s been 3 years since they’ve seen each other and there’s definitely some tension between them. Some of this stems from the fact Eun-Hui isn’t exactly pleased about how flippant Mi-Ram has been with her divorces.

After 3 divorces, she’s done little to help her daughter, and even failed to go to her graduation as well. Eun-Hui believes she’s using this trip to Jeju as an excuse to duck out of her responsibilities. Of course, everyone in town acting like she’s incredible and the best thing since sliced bread isn’t helping.

That afternoon while preparing food, Eun-Hui gets annoyed with how popular she is. That doesn’t help either when Mi-Ran decides not to eat there; she’s eating out.

Eun-Hui is understandably angry, as she heads into her room and begins writing in her journal. She’s unsure how she feels about Mi-Ran. In the past, Eun-Hui always saw Mi-Ran as her best friend and the pair got along well.

She was her wealthy friend she could rely on, helping her out of difficult situations. She even helped Eun-Hui get her GED despite dropping out of high school. Now though? Well, things change and people change.

As we see from the past though, Mi-Ran has always been this brazen, belittling Eun-Hui and even throwing away food at school, calling her a moocher. It would appear there are two sides to her friend and Eun-Hui has ignored a lot of that.

A year back though, there was a situation that changed Eun-Hui’s usual forgiving nature. So what happened? Well, flashbacks show it was after Mi-Ran’s divorce. She shows up at her apartment, panicking and pleading with Mi-Ran not to die.

Only… all of that was part of a cruel bet to see if Eun-Hui was loyal enough to come all the way to Seoul from Jeju Island. She calls Eun-Hui the biggest doormat and how she’s always at her beck and call. Back in the present, Eun-Hui realizes that they’re not really friends and tries to work out what to do about it.

The Episode Review

Our Blues returns with a change in tact, with Eun-Hui’s storyline turning toward her old friend Mi-Ran instead. As we see from the past flashbacks though, these two are far from friends. Mi-Ran is pretty obnoxious and clearly doesn’t care about people; she uses them for her own benefit.

That essentially sets up the story to follow, as we see just why Eun-Hui doesn’t really like her but finds herself indebted to Mi-Ran and help her out.

Eun-Hui very clearly needs to stand up for herself and the ending appears as if we’re heading in that direction. The relationship has been an interesting one and although not all the stories in this show have fired on all cylinders, Our Blues has been an intriguing watch nonetheless.

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