Woori The Virgin – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3 of Woori the Virgin starts with Woori telling her mother and grandmother that she is determined to not let the pregnancy change her life. As she arrives in the hospital with Gang-Jae, they are shocked to see a dead Noh Man-Chul in the lift, stabbed in the neck with a scalpel.

While Raphael takes Woori to see a doctor, Gang-Jae discusses the murder with his chief. They think that this method of killing is the same as Chairman Kim’s.

As they walk together, Woori tells Raphael that she has decided to have the baby. Raphael is really surprised by her decision so Woori explains that she wants to give this baby life. She also mentions that the drama is ending soon and she wants to write her own script.

After seeing the doctor, Woori tells Raphael that she wants to meet with him and Mi-Ra as she wants to make sure the baby will grow in a happy and stable family. Raphael starts to feel a little awkward since he has filed for divorce but he remains silent for now.

In the evening, Mi-Ra visits her mother and asks her if she killed Noh Man-Chul. Her mother denies it and believes it was just meant to be.

The next day, Woori finds out that Raphael is quite the player and starts looking at articles. He is called the actress killer as he only dates actresses and parties a lot.

Sung-Il has been trying to call Eun-Ran but she refuses to take his call. He then shows up at the restaurant and asks to see his daughter. Woori sees him and is surprised to see the actor there. Eun-Ran explains that they used to be classmates. She quickly takes him outside and tells him its not the right time.

On her way to work, Woori talks to Gang-Jae and wonders if she would be able to raise the baby on her own if she can’t give him to Raphael and Mi-Ra.

As she arrives at work, Mi-Ra calls her mum as she is nervous the police are still in the hospital. She is worried they will find out about her relation with Noh Man-Chul. She remembers that she has a dash cam and decides to throw the memory card on the floor just as Gang-Jay happens to walk by.

Gang-Jay confronts Mi-Ra about her relationship with Man-Chul but she denies it all, despite the photographic evidence. Gang-Jay gives her the memory card back which makes Mi-Ra realise that he hasn’t told anyone about her and Man-Chul. She understands that he is Woori’s fiance and thinks he doesn’t want people to know so that Woori will still want her to raise the baby and not himself. She decides to use this to her advantage and tells him that he needs to help her and not say anything to her husband.

Raphael has new furniture delivered at Woori’s workplace but the latter tells him she needs to talk to her first before doing anything like this. They then have coffee together where Woori tries finding out more about his dating life.

On Mi-ra’s request, Gang-Jae heads to Man-Chul’s apartment to retrieve her necklace.

Woori then follows Raphael as he meets with a famous actress.  Raphael sees Woori hiding, who suddenly decides to ask about their relationship. They are both surprised as it turns out that they have been meeting to arrange treatment for a little girl who is sick.

Woori agrees to go for a drive with Raphael and admits she has been looking him up. He explains that some of the articles have been exaggerated but he is also different now, especially since he got sick. He also explains that he lost his mother very young and that’s when he started acting out. Unfortunately, he also lies when he tells her that his marriage with Mi-Ra is doing fine.

The next day is Woori’s first ultrasound and everyone turns up; her mother, grandmother, Gang-Jay, Mi-Ra, Raphael and his father. There is, of course, a lot of tension between the two families.

When they all enter the room, the doctor tells them that only Woori and the father can stay. Raphael then asks her how long she has wanted to be a writer. Woori replies that she started in middle school and reminisces again about the first time they met. This is when she first admitted to someone she wanted to be a drama writer. She thanks him for helping her having the courage to pursue her dream.

Gang-Jae changes his mind and goes to see his chief with the evidence he has collected on Mi-ra and Man-Chul.

After seeing the baby in the scan, Raphael has a change of heart about his divorce and shows the scan picture to Mi-Ra who is over the moon.

Woori goes home feeling emotional and tells her mother she doesn’t think she will be able to give her baby away. She is very scared though as she doesn’t know if she can raise the baby on her own. Her grandmother arrives in the room and gives her reassuring words as she has her and her mother to help.

Sung-Il is having trouble concentrating at work so he rushes to see Eun-Ran determined to tell Woori he is her father. Eun-Ran tries to persuade him again and takes him in her room when she hears her mother coming. Sung-Il is amazed at how beautiful Eun-Ran looks and the two start kissing. Just at the same time, Gwi-Nyeo bursts into the room and is shocked to see her daughter with Sung-Il kissing on the bed.

On her way to meet with Raphael and Mi-Ra, Woori finally comes clean to Gang-jay and tells him that Raphael was her first kiss many years ago.

At the same time, Raphael finally remembers who Woori is their kiss on the east coast and confronts her just as the episode ends.

The Episode Review

Woori The Virgin delivers another good episode as we carry on following our characters through this unusual situation. Poor Woori is already going through quite the emotional roller-coaster as she is starting to get attached to the idea of having a baby.

Just like the original, the love triangle is set in motion as well now that Raphael has remembered the past and the two will undoubtedly get closer as the pregnancy advances. I do wonder which direction the show will follow. So far, it has been remained pretty close narratively to Jane the Virgin with a few differences.

The relationship between the three women from different generations is also shaping up to be just as good as the original, which was certainly one of its strongest points.

Woori The Virgin has been a pleasant drama so far and definitely has some good potential.

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