In The Dark (2019) – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Road Trip

We begin the episode with a brief flashback showing Tyson leaving the house with drugs to sell for Darnell before cutting back to Murphy and the girls being cooked for by Max. A few sarcastic retorts later, Murphy gets back to work investigating what happened to Tyson.

After successfully navigating the police computer to find Jamie’s address, Jess expresses concerns around Murphy’s connection with Max, worried she may be rushing things with him. However, she leaves Jess to attend the Puppy Graduation and goes with Max to Wisconsis. On the way, his car breaks down, forcing them to go to the mechanic to get it fixed.

A close encounter in the road follows, as Murphy narrowly misses a speeding car. Max guides her back to the car and they continue on their way. Murphy then makes it to the house but the girl inside says she has no knowledge of Tyson. With the threat of the police being called, Murphy leaves the porch and decides to try and smoke the girl out, determined to question her when she leaves the house.

It turns out Jamie isn’t actually Tyson’s girlfriend, it’s actually his Dad. He talks about how they got back in touch again but as Murphy begins telling him his son is dead, his Dad screws at the statement, telling her he was in touch several days earlier.

Before we get a chance to process this new information, through flashbacks we see Tyson trying to leave Darnell’s operation and being refused. From here, he then winds up a witness to a shocking murder in the cafe which he flees the scene from.

Back in the present and one messy buffet later, Murphy arrives back at Puppy Graduation in time to save the day and stop the event being a complete disaster. Later on, we see her discussing things with Jess around whether Tyson really is dead or alive where we leave our characters this week.

With a more vulnerable Murphy this week and some deeper characterisation, In The Dark finally settles into a consistent groove. There’s a good amount of mystery around Tyson too and the various revelations around him add an extra dimension to the show. Seeing Murphy questioning her abilities adds some really depth to her character too and it’s great to see this show finally find its feet.

Quite what will happen from here on out is anyone’s guess but if it can keep up the same standard seen here, we should be in for a real treat.


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