In The Dark (2019) – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review


Feeling Dead Bodies

We return to In The Dark this week with Murphy suspecting she may be pregnant after being late for her period. As she visits the bar to drown her fears in alcohol, the police detective shows up, suspecting Tyson may have been driven out of town by the drug gang.

After a fruitless interview with a flower shop attendant whom Tyson was working for, Murphy realizes she needs to feel another dead body to make sure she definitely sensed Tyson’s death in the alleyway. After being refused this by the local morgue, at work she learns Felix’s uncle is about to pass away and despite jess’ insistance not to, she decides to pursue this and visit Felix at his house. A fee awkward pleasantries later, they settle in and prepare for Felix’s uncle passing away.

This leads to a really heartfelt conversation between Felix, Jess and Murphy which is ruined when Felix overhears them talking about only being there to feel a dead body. Jess confronts Murphy about this as she storms out the house which leads to them having an argument. With the possibility or pregnancy hanging over her like a dark cloud, Murphy bites back at her friend, “I dont eant to pass on these messed up genes,” she says before apologizing to Felix and leaving.

Jess stays behind and plays damage control, apologising to Felix before offering to make him some food to make amends. As the two hug things out, Max tells Murphy on the phone that the flower shop is being used as a front to hide the drug operation he happens to be part of.

After a brief flashback proves as much, Murphy heads to the shop herself to investigate further. Midway through talking to the clerk she gets her period and heads to the toilet, breathing a sigh of relief. While there, someone trashes the entire shop leaving Murphy afraid, hiding in the toilet stall with her dog Pretzel until they leave. When they do, Murphy gets her wish as she feels a dead body on the ground.

She then calls the police and is escorted home, leaving Murphy more convinced than ever that Tyson is still alive after feeling how cold that body was. As we cut to the outskirts of the city to close the episode out, we see a group of people unzipping a body bag to reveal Tyson, who is infact dead.

In The Dark really starts to double down with its mystery and drama this week to great effect. While some of the jokes don’t always land, the characters are unique enough to keep you watching. With more plot twists and Tyson’s fate revealed at the end, it’ll be interesting to see where In The Dark goes from here but it’s a journey that’s likely to be full of twists and turns along the way given what we’ve seen so far.


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