In The Dark (2019) – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Blinded By Love

Following last week’s episode, we return to In The Dark with Murphy growing closer to Max as they share a date together. After teaching her how to play pool, she returns home with a big grin on her face and a newfound lease on life. As her roommates tease her over Max and the possibility of her being in love, Murphy sets out to prove them wrong by sleeping with him. Unfortunately, things go awry in the bedroom leaving him in a lot of pain.

Unable to leave the apartment, Murphy finds herself stuck with a roommate who’s convinced they’re dating. After really trying her patience by calling her babe multiple times and forcing her to sleep in the bath alone after cuddling in bed, she kicks him out the apartment. Just in time for Darnell to come asking Max for a favour.

Meanwhile, Murphy ditches her boss at the last minute during the blind speech at the school and goes hunting for Tyson’s girlfriend, Kiera. In doing so, she catches up with two of her pot-smoking girlfriends in the toilets. After sharing their drugs, they walk her infront of a mirror and begin describing what she looks like. Before she gets a chance to express her feelings however, the principal of the school walks in.

One thing leads to another and Murphy winds up having unsatisfying sex with the man before Kiera shows up unexpectedly at her workplace. Taking some time alone, she explains that Tyson has been ghosting her and isn’t as nice as Murphy believes him to be. She gives her the number for someone in Madison that may have connections with Tyson and tells her she doesn’t want to ever speak to him again.

The episode then ends with Murphy realizing the error of her ways and approaching Max at the club, determined to make amends for her actions. After an awkward dialogue between the two, he agrees to give dating her another go and the scene fades out with the two of them in bed together.

In The Dark is not a show for everyone. The humour is a little silly at times and the mystery surrounding Tyson is not wholly engaging enough to make you really care about this character. Still, there’s something charming and lighthearted to this one that’ll certainly appeal to a specific demographic this show is so blatently catering for. 

The relationship between Murphy and her flatmate is believable and surprisingly well written amidst this too and although it’s not a show that’s going to have mass appeal, there’s just enough here to make In The Dark a show worth sticking around with to see how things will pan out.


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