Hit and Run – Season 1 Episode 2 “Love & Loss” Recap & Review

Love & Loss

Episode 2 of Hit and Run begins with Segev breathing heavily and stuck in the back of a police car. With no sign of the assassin, police have chalked up his behaviour to one of self-inflicted anger and handcuffed him for his own safety.

Tali quickly dispels that myth though, speaking to Segev privately and asking about the assassin. Dismissing the beat cops, Tali heads inside Segev’s house and starts looking around. She doesn’t find very much but given no money was taken from his wallet and everything else is intact, she senses that Segev is telling the truth.

At the police station, Segev gives his statement. He’s never heard of Rami but he’s not so sure his wife could say the same. Still, police decide to conduct forensics on the gun he managed to grab from the assassin. Segev remains understandably concerned for Ella’s wellbeing. He’s also concerned about Danielle too, sensing that what he knew about her isn’t the whole truth.

Anyway, Segev returns home to see his Father. This paves way for a really well-edited segment that cuts us back in time to more flashbacks between Danielle and Segev. Their love is clear to see but like Tali told him earlier in the episode, “people are complicated.” Did Segev really know Danielle as well as he thought?

When Syd drops over Danielle’s belongings from her locker, it only reinforces this feeling. A post-it note from Assaf, matched with the text messages, only reinforces the feeling that all is not well. Even worse, Danielle’s parents aren’t going to show up for the funeral either.

Back at the police station, Boaz has doubts about Segev’s statement. Likewise, Tali has doubts about Rami being the real culprit. Given he was the one who reported his own car missing earlier on, it certainly seems like he’s being framed.

Danielle’s funeral goes ahead and Segev chokes up while reading his statement, leaving it to Ella to finish. During the wake, Tali approaches Segev and confirms that forensics have tested the gun he took from the assassin. They’ve run a check for fingerprints and DNA but found nothing. Furthermore, Tali confirms her doubts to Segev about Rami, believing there’s someone else involved here.

Segev also learns about Assaf not long after too, questioning Syd about a shady guy wearing sunglasses and a jacket from afar at the funeral. She breaks the news about his ties with Danielle and reveals that the pair used to hang out at a bar called Hashoftim. According to Syd, Danielle and Assaf used to date before Segev came on the scene.

Assaf is very clearly jealous of Segev too but he gives absolutely nothing away when Segev shows up with a gun later than evening. He shrugs off Segev’s threat and tells him he’s got bigger problems to deal with. Well, so too has Assaf when he heads home. His wife Maya finds out the truth about his affair and immediately lashes out, throwing things around the room. When Assaf reassures her and confirms Danielle is dead, she seems to calm down a little.

Scouring through the CCTV footage brings up a breakthrough. Two men can be seen exiting the car and heading straight for the airport. These two men happen to be Hungarian nationals, Tomas Polgar and Boton Gunsberg. They flew across to Heathrow in London but quite why, still doesn’t make sense.

Tali promises Segev that they’ll get answers, but time is of the essence and Segev grows ever-more restless. That’s only made worse by the fact the trail has run cold at Heathrow.

Segev heads out with Syd that night to the bar. Once there, he learns about a local drug dealer called Uri. Instead of taking a more civilized approach, Segev immediately takes chase, resulting in an exhilarating chase across busy roads and dingy alleyways. Eventually Segev catches up and demands answers. Apparently there were two Americans there that night, and we soon find out why.

It turns out the Hungarian cover was just an alias and actually both men are Americans by the names of Mark Posnner and David Chernik. When they arrived at London, the pair switched passports and flew across to New York. That’s why they managed to evade capture, and also why the trail ran cold. They both have a record of petty crimes and it fits the profile for what’s happening.

Segev has an idea over who’s responsible, believing it could be an old nemesis called Isaac. He used to be friends with Segev back in Mexico after their time in the army. When he ended up in prison, Isaac blamed Segev for this.

Segev rings his contact Ron in New York and asks for help. Regardless of what he can do, Tali confirms to Segev later on that Mark and David have been brought into New York custody. Neither are talking but more importantly, they’ll be extradited back to Israel for questioning.

However, there’s still a threat in Israel. Segev narrowly avoids an attempt on his life, scrambling for cover when the house is rigged to blow from an IED. Both Tali and Segev survive but the latter makes a big decision in the wake of this. He’s flying across to New York to investigate this further and find out what’s going on.

The Episode Review

The second episode of Hit and Run slows the pace slightly but certainly doesn’t let up with its suffocating tone and thriller aspects. The mystery at the heart of this is absolutely gripping and there’s a good balance between action and drama too.

The jumps between Tali and Segev help to give this investigation a multi-faceted view. There’s lots of actual police work going on, including sifting through CCTV footage and piecing together clues. The way Tali manages to put everything together makes for a really satisfying watch, especially as she comes to solid and intelligent conclusions.

Meanwhile, Segev’s character is easy to get behind. Everything he knew about Danielle is starting to come unraveled and learning more about her past with these various flashbacks really help to give more context to the pair’s ties.

Either way, this is shaping up to be an enthralling watch!

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