Hit and Run – Season 1 Episode 1 “Hit & Run” Recap & Review

Hit & Run

Episode 1 of Hit & Run begins in prison. A fight breaks out in the yard, leaving Segev a bloodied mess. As the camera pans out, we cut across to Israel three weeks earlier.

Pulsating music and a really stylish dance number takes center stage, paving way for Danielle to revel in the rapturous applause. She’s a talented dancer, working with her company for a number of years. She’s also on the cusp of a big breakthrough too, with an audition in New York coming up in a few days.

Danielle is married to an Israeli tour guide called Segev, who prepares to say goodbye to his partner. Tellingly, Danielle receives a message from someone just before she goes, prompting her to take a detour to the dance studio before the airport. She greets her friend Syd and says goodbye.

While out getting coffees, she receives a message, “We need to talk.” Distracted, Danielle hurries across the road just as a car ploughs into her and leaves the girl sprawled on her back.

Segev finds out about his wife and charges back (hey, what about the tour?) and races up to the hospital. Only, it’s too late. Danielle’s injuries are too great and she passes away in hospital. She actually passed away in the ambulance en-route but Dr Mendel and his team did their best to try and resuscitate her.

Segev breaks the news about Danielle to her father, Martin, who’s understandably shocked. At the same time, police investigators start to look into what happened. Using skid mark prints and CCTV, they learn that the plates for the car in question belong to a vehicle that was reported stolen that very morning. It’s owned by Shalcorp, which in turn is owned by a guy called Rami Shalom.

This gives the police a solid lead to go on, and they inevitably keep tabs on Rami. Fronting this investigation are Tali and her partner Boaz. When Rami speeds away from the police, it’s a solid sign that something untoward is going on. There’s an exhilarating high speed chase that ensues from here, culminating in Rami captured and brought in for questioning.

However, he’s certainly less than helpful with the investigation. As soon as investigators mention Rami’s car being involved in this hit and run, his face twists into a scowl and he asks to see his lawyer.

Meanwhile, Tali visits Segev and breaks the news about Remi being brought in for police questioning. This gets Segev thinking, and he checks Danielle’s phone, ringing the last known contact there. This just so happens to be a guy called Assaf. “Is everything okay my love?” He answers… as Segev questions just who he is.

Segev starts to spiral, and calls on Tali to help trace the call and work out just what’s going on. Flashbacks sprinkled in here confirm that Danielle was having an affair with Assaf. He was the one who wanted to break things off, given the stress at work and his marriage falling apart, but Danielle was incessant in keeping this going.

That evening, a masked man breaks into Segev’s house and attacks. The pair brawl across the house, eventually leading to Segev knocking the guy out. Searching his pockets, Segev finds a family picture and realizes that he’s not safe. Sensing something very wrong, Segev grabs Ella and hurries out the house.

Dropping Ella off with her Mother, Segev rings Tali to hurry over to his house. Only, the assassin is gone.

The Episode Review

Hit and Run begins with an enthralling episode, one that sets the scene nicely for a tense and action-packed thriller to follow. Segev and Danielle’s introduction is a good one and the way this episode slowly peels away the layers of Danielle’s innocence to learn she’s keeping big secrets is really well-handled. This episode also reinforces how important it is to look both ways while crossing the road too!

Likewise, the investigation is just starting to take shape and it seems Rami may well be part of all this. However, Assaf could be involved too but it’s way too soon to be jumping to conclusions with this one. Either way, this opening chapter certainly sets the scene nicely for the drama to follow. Bring on the next episode!

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