Hit and Run – Season 1 Episode 3 “Friends & Foes” Recap & Review

Friends & Foes

Episode 3 of Hit and Run begins with Segev flying across to New York. The officers there are clearly distrusting of him, until Segev confirms he’s there for a funeral. Tellingly, he gives Danielle’s address instead of Ron’s.

Making it through customs, Segev is forced to take public transport through the suburbs to Ron’s place. His apartment isn’t exactly luxury living and with a ton of pills in the bathroom, Segev has concerns about Ron’s wellbeing. He’s also concerned about Isaac too, demanding to see him.

However, things taken an unexpected turn when Segev arrives at the police station. He’s there to see David and Mark but NYPD have actually released them 2 hours prior. The reasons for this are unknown for according to Tali it was a mistake. This only reinforces Segev’s feelings that it’s Isaac responsible.

With no way to reach him, Segev tries to come up with a way of visiting Isaac. For now, he settles on a trip over to see Naomi Hicks. She’s married to a guy called Henry and she’s a pretty big deal in the publishing world. She and Segev go way back and he decides to call on her expertise to try and learn more about Isaac.

The pair seem to have romantic ties in the past, back when she was living in Israel, and for now she agrees to help.

In the meantime, Ron and Segev show up at Danielle’s wake. Despite Martin insisting this was going to be a small gathering, the house is flooded with people. Marcia seems to be right as rain too, especially on the back of Martin telling him she had pneumonia. According to them she just “bounced right back.” Segev immediately seems suspicious.

A guy called Michael soon shows up and apparently he has a lot of history with Danielle too. Quite what their connection is though, remains a mystery for now. Things are not looking good, and both Syd and Ella grow restless as they wonder how long Segev is going to spend in New York.

In the morning, Naomi shows up at Ron’s pad. Isaac is out of prison after a 9 year stint and according to her research he owns both a bowling alley and a bar. He also seems to be mixed up in arms deals too. He’s one dangerous guy, and despite Naomi’s insistence to stop, Segev is determined to pursue this and find out the truth.

With this information, Ron discovers that there’s a guy with close ties to Isaac called Benny. And by close, the pair are engaged in a same-sex relationship. This is all the ammo Segev needs to head out with Ron and track Benny down. This, in turn, allows them to get close enough to Isaac to hold him up at gunpoint and question what he knows.

Apparently Isaac has no idea about the bombing and the attack on Segev’s life. Howver, David and Mike were hired to work a job for a woman in Israel. Isaac is convinced he’s being set up and admits he doesn’t know who hired the pair – Isaac is simply a middleman. If he knew it was going to be Danielle as the target, he would have made it much more painful.

After a brief scuffle, Segev forces Isaac to bring in the two drivers so he can question them himself. Well, this immediately goes awry as a shootout ensues across the club. This eventually ends with one of the men killed, after revealing that he was paid 20k for the job.

With the bodies in the back of the truck and Ron panicking, Segev drives up to Naomi’s where they crash for the night. With everything subsiding for now, Segev checks out old footage from his phone and comes to a startling revelation. It turns out the assassin at his house was actually a man from his wedding.

Even worse, when he heads over to see Martin and the Wexlers, their house is actually owned by a completely different set of people. Was this whole wake fabricated to throw Segev off the scent?

The Episode Review

Another big twist in this case throws what we know about the Wexler family completely up in the air. There’s obviously a lot being hidden from us and it seems the hit against Danielle was orchestrated by someone close by. If not Isaac then who could it be? It seems like Danielle’s parents could possibly be involved, especially given how incredibly shady they’re acting. Likewise, it could also be someone in Israel.

Either way, the changed location to New York sees the show slow in pacing as we dive into more of the investigative work. Saved by a last ditch twist, the rest of the episode feels much more methodical compared to what we’ve seen across the opening two chapters. Let’s hope this one picks up a bit over the coming episodes.

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