Green Mothers’ Club – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

A Letter From The Dead

Episode 6 of Green Mothers’ Club starts with that shocking conclusion, as Eun-Pyo uncovers Jin-Ha’s deceased body. She stumbles back, falling on the floor and frozen in shock. When Luis finds out about his partner, he’s understandably distraught too, and can’t stop crying.

Pictures and videos begin to spread, with all the women gossiping amongst themselves and trying to work out what’s happening. Chin-Hui’s phone is going absolutely mental, constantly buzzing and she awakens to find herself in clear view of the crime scene, given where her balcony overlooks.

Chun-Hui notices Eun-Pyo down on the ground and heads out to see her. She blames herself for Jin-Ha’s death, and begins sobbing and wailing uncontrollably. I’ll tell you what, Lee Yo-Won’s acting here is fantastic, complete with shaking hands and rattled speech. As she talks though, Eun-Pyo tries to rationalize what’s happened and blames herself.

The detectives start to dig into Jin-ha’s apartment, noticing psychoactive drugs in her cupboard and lipstick stains on the side of her cup. Now, the rain makes it difficult to discern exactly what time Jin-Ha passed away. However, the detectives deduce that, based on the bruises and stiffness, it could have happened at around 2am. There’s also no traces of alcohol in her blood too and no forced entry to her house.

It could well be that Jin-Ha’s death is linked to Man-Su and Chun-Hui. Through flashbacks, we know that Man-Su spotted Chun-Hui dropping off a bag to Jin-Ha late at night. When Man-Su broaches the subject to Chun-Hui over whether she could be involved or not, she shouts down the phone and hangs up. She also tells all the mums to leave the chat room too.

At the police station, Luis and Eun-Pyo are both questioned by the police. The latter gives her recollection of what happened. Eun-Pyo does admit that they were in the same class and also friends from university too. She’s encouraged to get some rest by the officers after telling her story.

While one of the officers chalks this up to a suicide, the other is not so sure. In fact, he wants CCTV footage and also the phone records for Jin-Ha, determined to find out exactly what happened that night. They’re also concerned about the journos getting a hold of this story but it’s too late, and the story spreads like wildfire. People start gossiping, querying whether Luis was having an affair.

Now, the detectives receive the CCTV footage back in the morning and notice Chun-Hui with her bag late at night. She’s crying when they sit down with her but it all seems fake, with some serious crocodile tears. Anyway, she mentions how she arrived to see Jin-Ha, who cried on her shoulder and spoke about how she missed her mother. Given she commit suicide in the past, the story appears to be holding up but when Chun-Hui queries how the officers are getting on, asking if it could be a murder, it all seems a bit suspicious.

At home, Eun-Pyo receives a letter in the post, bold, black writing reading “I’ll never forget your wicked deeds even in death.” Dropping it with a shock, she thinks back over Jin-Ha’s words to her but then she notices the envelope. This wasn’t actually addressed to her – it was for Chun-hui.

This is only made more suspicious when the detectives ring and let Eun-Pyo know that Chun-Hui was the last person to see Jin-Ha before she died. That night, she hands the letter over to Chun-hui up on the rooftop and asks just what happened between the pair.

Chun-hui claims that Jin-Ha did want to kill herself and was crying on her shoulder. But she was doing so because of her fight with Eun-Pyo. Annoyed and upset that she’s been perceived to be guilty by Eun-Pyo, she takes the letter and heads home. However, Eun-Pyo tries to clear things up the next day, admitting that in her previous neighbourhood, she was actually threatened by an old criminal, hence why they moved.

Jin-Ha’s adoptive mother approves the team to go ahead and do an autopsy on her daughter. She also throws shade on Luis, claiming he’s way too calm given what’s happened so far. There are way too many unexplained occurrences here, and right now it’s hard to know who’s telling the truth and who’s lying.

That afternoon, Eun-Pyo speaks to Luis about what happened but as they talk, he suddenly and erratically starts raising his voice and mentions how he killed Jin-Ha. A guilty conscience perhaps?

In the wake of all this drama, Yun-Ju reveals some massive news about their kids. Both Dong-Seok and Su-In have been accepted to the Geoseong University School for Gifted Students. It’s a massive result but Eun-Pyo has been so preoccupied with wat’s going on with Jin-Ha, she can’t even bring herself to smile. The other reason stems from the fact that it means Yu-Bin has been rejected.

Little Yu-Bin struggles to control her emotions, when we cut across to her, and all those sacrifices for her social life have resulted in exactly nothing.

We’ve been told about Chun-Hui’s dark side a lot this season and now we see some of it. In the elevator she speaks to Jung Jae-Ung and reveals that Jin-Ha’s husband was having an affair on someone he knew from university. And lo and behold, as the doors open… Eun-Pyo is standing right there.

The Episode Review

This mystery is just starting to get interesting now and everything has been left wide open for where this could go next week. It seems like we’re gearing up for more of a murder mystery vibe for the season ahead and although I was onboard with the slice of life mum politics between the women that gripped the opening few chapters, it would seem like this one is fully embracing its murder mystery.

Despite that, the series does have some stand out moments, namely that involving Jin-Ha’s murder and the number of suspects that could be responsible. Man-Su could be involved and covering for Chun-Hui, whom he clearly has history with. Chun-Hui has demonstrated at the end of this episode that she has a dark side, while Eun-Pyo definitely has history with Jin-Ha as well.

Either way though, everything has been left on a big cliffhanger, as we gear up ready for where this one may go next.

So who did kill Jin-Ha? What are we thinking readers? Any ideas? Do let us know in the comments below!

Next Episode

Next Episode

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  1. At first, I really interested with this series when watching the trailer. I thought this series would be focus on kids education and how older people’s mindset about “my kids should be the best at school”. Until I watched the ep 5 and get confused with the plot.
    I mean I really enjoyed it and curious about Jin Ha’s suicide case but why does the kids education get more less time screening?

    Anyway, can’t wait for the next episode.

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