Green Mothers’ Club – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

An Ill-Fated Match In Heaven

Episode 5 of Green Mothers’ Club begins with us returning to Jin-Ha’s house. Luis doesn’t kiss Eun-Pyo though. Instead, he asks her not to reveal to Jin-Ha that he’s writing a book. Agreeing, Eun-Pyo slips out and heads home.

In the morning, all the women join together for coffee and snacks. The tests are coming up soon and Su-In is likely to be teaming up with Henry again. Chun-Hui has an idea of who she wants on her team, but equally Eun-Pyo is guarded over who Dong-Seok is going to pair with.

However, Jin-Ha rings and asks for help, breaking up this little party. She wants some help with the exhibition and specifically on honest reactions to her paintings. Eun-Pyo isn’t exactly happy about being called out, seeing it as a way of Jin-Ha to rub in her superior painting skills. However, Jin-Ha throws a curveball at her by asking if she can write an introduction to her exhibition.

Deliberating over this, Eun-Pyo also finds numerous messages from the different women asking Dong-Seok to team up. Oh how the tables have turned! When Chun-Hui thinks about messaging Eun-Pyo to ask as well, she thinks twice and picks up Young-Bin after school. While driving, she receives a call from Man-Su, which completely rattles her. In fact, she messages back and tells him to delete her number immediately.

However, late on in the episode she does end up meeting with Man-Su and questions him over what’s going on. Man-Su admits he’s worried about her, calling Chun-Hui reckless. Something definitely happened between them, and it could well have stemmed from the pharmacy and potentially the mix-up could have been Chun-Hui’s doing, not Man-Su’s. We shall see.

Meanwhile, Jin-Ha continues to throw herself into Eun-Pyo’s life, showing up at her door while her mother is there. They head out for food with her, reluctantly, where Jin-Ha boasts about all her achievements. Jin-Ha even hugs Eun-Pyo’s mother when saying goodbye. However, she listens from afar as Eun-Pyo and her mother talk. Her mother doesn’t even remember Jin-Ha, but in actual fact, the pair had quite a close bond in the past, which certainly saddens Jin-Ha when she hears.

At he exhibition, Eun-Pyo finds herself face to face with the Professor, the same one she dropped to her knees asking for a second chance from. Anyway, they have close familial ties and just to add insult to injury, Jin-Ha requests the Professor to take good care of Eun-Pyo from now on.

It’s a step too far for her and she eventually leaves. Jin-Ha’s narrowed gaze and nasty look seems to hint that this was deliberate but who knows what Jin-Ha is thinking right now. Eun-Pyo however, is very much torn up about this and after spilling food on her white clothes (yep, we’ve all been there Eun-Pyo!) she starts crying.

After dropping off her kids the next day, Jin-Ha shows up and apologizes. For Eun-Pyo though, this seals the deal that Jin-Ha just does not like her. In the past, she behaved like this too, dating someone called Tae-Hun right after Eun-Pyo admitted she liked him and also joined the same exhibitions she did to screw her over. When she mentions Luis, Eun-Pyo stops herself and simply ends the conversation, telling her she doesn’t want to get involved anymore. They’re not friends nor will they be going forward.

There is definitely something not right with Jin-Ha. After learning that her mother died when she was younger (Explaining why she wanted that same connection with Eun-Pyo’s mum) she ends up taking loads of pills and passing out in her room.

Jin-Ha is rushed to hospital and in the process, leaves Eun-Pyo to look after Henry. He’s beside himself with grief and can’t stop crying. Henry wants his toy, Tory, and so the guys all head over to his house.

While the kids all end up sleeping, Luis heads back and starts talking to Eun-Pyo in the living room. As they sit together, she asks outright why Luis went back to Jin-Ha in the past. “Was there something about me that wasn’t good enough?” She asks.

But just as she does, Jin-Ha comes home and declares that she’s going to jump off the building. At this, Eun-Pyo takes the kids and leaves. Jin-Ha and Luis end up having a big argument. She’s hysterical, smashing a glass across the floor and even screaming down the corridor. Poor Henry cowers in his room, listening to all of this. Poor kid.

Luis tells Jin-Ha that he’s never been happy living with her and he hasn’t been happy a single day. Eventually Luis leaves, needing some air and breathing heavily on the balcony.

With the kids now awake and causing havoc, Jin-Ha rings and immediately curses Eun-Pyo, accusing her of sleeping with Luis. Unfortunately, Eun-Pyo is distracted and in doing so, misses her son falling over and breaking his leg.

Eun-Pyo rushes little Dong-Ju to the hospital, but with her useless partner nowhere to be found, she rings Chun-Hui for help instead. While they sit together in the waiting room, Eun-Pyo blames herself, believing herself not to be a good mother. Chun-hui though holds the top of her hands reassuringly.

The next day, Jin-Ha meets with Eun-pyo and tells her she’s going away. Before she does though, she questions Eun-Pyo and asks whether she wants her to disappear. Thinking about it, Eun-Pyo is taken aback by Jin-Ha nonchalantly standing up and heading off into the road, stepping in front of a white truck… or does she? It turns out all of this was a bad dream.

When Eun-Pyo heads outside to drop off some rubbish, she notices Jin-Ha lying motionless on the floor in the rain.

The Episode Review

One person’s comment online pretty much cements my thoughts on Green Mothers’ Club too. ” I have no idea what this show is trying to be?”

While an element of unpredictability is a good thing, the whole tone of this episode feels so completely at odds with everything we’ve seen up until this point. Don’t get me wrong, I actually quite like it but this show feels in danger of turning into another Penthouse or Sky Castle, and both those shows have their own unique way of handling their characters and fanbase. I just don’t think this one will be able to compete if it goes that route.

What’s more disconcerting though is how little screen-time was actually dedicated to the kids this time around. We barely get anything from Dong-Seok beyond his brother breaking his leg, although there are some nice tasty morsels of plot to sink your teeth into with the adults that help to offset that somewhat.

The drama involving Man-Su and Chun-Hui is intriguing, as is the duffel bag malarkey. Then you have Jin-Ha and what happened to her in the past too. These are enough to stick by and watch develop with interest, but we’ll have to wait and see exactly where this one is likely to go next. Either way, roll on tomorrow’s episode!

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Next Episode

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