Green Mothers’ Club – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Scarlet Letter

Episode 7 of Green Mothers’ Club picks up after Chun-Hui’s bombshell reveal. While Jae-ung struggles to get into the party mood, Eun-Pyo remains oblivious over what her husband has just been told. However, he throws shade at Chun-Hui the next day, questioning the bag she had and the validity of her story. So naturally, with the friendship broken between her and Eun-Pyo (again), Chun-Hui decides to write online about her alleged affair and Eun-Pyo being fired as a professor.

At the police station, the officers discuss Jin-Ha’s death. It’s clear that she definitely commit suicide because of depression. News of this affair spreads all the way to them too, as text messages between the pair prove that there was something going on. Jae-Ung heads over to see Luis, questioning him over what’s happened.

He confirms they dated briefly back in France, and goes on to claim Eun-Pyo was obsessed with him and pressed on why they broke up. Jae-Ung eventually leaves.

Unfortunately for Eun-Pyo, her reputation is in tatters. Women whisper in hallways about her and the local baker won’t sell to her anymore. So naturally, Eun-Pyo waits for Chun-Hui but like a coward, she high-tails it away, rushing into the elevator and ignoring Eun-Pyo.

Ju-Seok heads out for dinner with Man-Su, pointing out the school for gifted and “joking” about him buying all the food and drink given his child managed to get in while Yu-Bin did not. Ju-Seok goes on to ask about the etomidate. Now, it seems that Man-Su was selling drugs on the side, which explains why he was disgraced the first time around. Ju-Seok laughs, claiming that’s not what he’s asking (when Man-Su tells him he won’t do that again) and reassures him that he wants to do business legally.

Chun-Hui and Eun-Pyo both speak to their sons’ teacher separately, prompting the teacher to decide they should organize a group therapy session to try and heal the hurt in the room. Eun-Pyo ends up seeing Jin-Ha waltz into the group midway through their chat, which causes her to hyperventilate and clutch her chest. When she finally recovers, Eun-Pyo and Chun-Hui both trade verbal blows as they discuss what’s happened. Eun-Pyo points out Chun-Hui was the last one to see Jin-Ha that night and she could be guilty.

Kim Yeong-Mi jumps to Eun-Pyo’s aid, believing that Chun-Hui is, in fact, lying. She reveals that she saw the pair meet in the elevator that night. As fate would have it, this whole event turns against Jin-Ha.

In class, all the kids badmouth Yu-Bin, pointing out how sweet it is that she’s not going to be in their class from now on. In retaliation, she throws some of their books in the trash, and gets called out for it by the teacher.

Back over at Young-Mi’s place, little Jul-Pin messes with some of his father’s things, causing the boy to hurry into the bathroom and lock the door. His father is furious, pounding and telling the boy to open up. He flicks the lights on and off as he looks afraid. When Young-Mi heads home and finds out what’s happened, she’s shocked.

Jin-ha’s funeral goes ahead, as Eun-Pyo struggles to message Chun-Hui and patch up her differences. As she looks at the portrait of Jin-Ha, Eun-Pyo can’t stop the tears from falling. She also struggles to look at Luis too. Jae-Ung watches all of this take place from afar.

As rumours spread about Eun-Pyo and Luis, the latter’s mother in law overhears and slaps Eun-Pyo in view of everyone, claiming she has quite the nerve to show up and act like she cares. As Jae-Ung interjects and takes his wife outside, we hear Eun-Pyo’s version of events over what happened.

Eun-Pyo and Luis did go out but when Jin-Ha came into the scene, Luis decided to date her instead. That was the nature of her and Jin-Ha’s relationship. She’d always take what Eun-Pyo found special to her. There was no affair, but Eun-Pyo wanted to know the real reason why she and Luis broke up.

As they head home, Jae-Ung apologizes for not being there for her, admitting he feels bad for not supporting his wife more. However, he does admit she’s the greatest thing he’s ever laid eyes on. Unfortunately, a message in the group chat pops up as they drive, claiming that one of the boys from Class Three molested one of the girls.

The Episode Review

Green Mothers’ Club returns with another dramatic episode, this time focusing on Chun-Hui spreading rumours about Eun-Pyo. We now know that she definitely didn’t have an affair with Luis but her guilt and the way she’s been acting all episode long doesn’t help matters. One could argue that this is a direct result of her feeling guilt and believing she needs to be punished as a result, but it’s still tough to watch her be walked all over like a doormat.

By the end of the episode though, it appears Dong-Seok is about to be in the firing line for these disgusting allegations. Allegations which, I’d imagine, have been spread by Yu-Bin. Like mother like daughter, eh? Hopefully Eun-Pyo does grow a backbone when confronting this, as the story looks set to move back into the realm of focusing on the kids and their education.

Hopefully through this fight Eun-Pyo starts to gain more strength because right now, Eun-Pyo is pretty difficult to watch as a protagonist, regardless of how realistic this may be. Without Jin-Ha (whom this show featured so heavily early on) this one is just trying to find its rhythm again but 7 episodes in, it appears we’re about to take another turn for the dramatic.

Next Episode

Next Episode

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