Flower Of Evil – K-Drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Bridge

Flower Of Evil has been a consistently great series. Episode 11 however moves it from great to one of the best Korean dramas this year. The entire 70 minutes are chock full of action, gritty drama and some pretty heartbreaking scenes.

We begin in the past with Eun-Ha’s birth. Ji-Won and Hyun-Soo watch on together as their beautiful child enters the world. However, Hyun-Soo believes that she doesn’t like him.

Back in the present, Hae-Soo finds evidence of Man-Woo’s involvement on her computer. While she looks into this in more detail, Ji-Won is confronted at the police station just as we left off from before. Eventually Ji-Won admits that it’s her fault and takes Jae-Sub aside to discuss in private what he knows.

On the roof, she admits the truth about Hee-Sung and Hyun-Soo having their identities switched. Jae-Sub is not convinced. As she drops to her knees, she puts her own life on the life for her husband to prove her theory correct. He’s having none of it though. After raiding CEO Yeom’s house, he intends to go after Hyun-Soo and arrest him.

Meanwhile, Hyun-Soo puts his operation in plan and sits with CEO Yeom. After handing over the money, he has his associate count the bills. While Moo-Jin sits outside listening, Hae-Soo suddenly rings through and admits she’s figured something out. She’ll admit what it is next time they meet but she has a favour she wants him to carry out.

Back at the station, Ji-Won decides to head in and front the operation. She receives a call from Hyun-Woo with the address needed – 57-37 Jaerim-ro. As the squad move, Jae-Sub tells Ji-Won to abandon the case as she’s too emotionally involved. She’s having none of it though and reveals that Hyun-Soo would only contact her.

As the plot thickens, CEO Yeom reveals a call from Man-Woo who reveals all. It puts Hyun-Soo in a very difficult position as he’s been completely ratted out. As Man-Woo leaves his office, his doorbell goes off as they find Hae-So at the door.

She talks about Min-Seok’s accomplice and shows him a picture of the university bracelet. Watching from the door happens to be a very nervous Hee-Sung.

Elsewhere, the raid gets underway but high up in the apartment, Hyun-Soo is beaten down by CEO Yeom’s bodyguard. Just before things get nasty, the fire alarm goes off bringing the bodyguard outside. As he does, he’s blindsided by Moo-Jin while Hyun-Soo faces certain death at the hands of this crime boss.

Tied up against the wall, he looks set to meet his demise until Ji-Won suddenly shows up and points a gun at the man’s head. With Hyun-Soo saved for now, he finally realizes that she knows who he is.

Yeom is clever and seizes on this momentarily lapse in concentration. He starts choking her out until Hyun-Soo snaps the handles off the cabinet and saves her life.

With the threat thwarted for now, she tells him to leave and run away, especially given Jae-Sub is getting an arrest warrant against him the following day.

After calling in backup, Ji-Won and Hyun-Soo finally come face to face with one another on the bridge. It’s an incredibly heartbreaking scene and as they both cry, he apologizes to her and throws her arms around him. “I want to go home, Ji-Won”

Meanwhile, the true identity to Min-Seok’s accomplice is revealed. It’s Hee-Sung. Oh no. Even worse, CEO Yeom manages to escape custody in the hospital. With pictures of Hee-Sung in hand, he decides to deliver one last throw of the dice.

Back home, Ji-Won and Hyun-Soo sit together and admit how they feel. Although he outright admitted he didn’t love her before, through his actions she realizes the opposite. As he looks at her, he finally admits that he loves her.

After an evening together, in the morning Jae-Sub arrives to arrest Hyun-Soo. As he heads outside, Ji-Won steps out too and holds his hand before the inevitable happens.

The Episode Review

Honestly, if ripping handles off a cabinet to save your loved one isn’t true love I don’t know what is. These two are such a good couple and they clearly care very much for one another.

The scene on the bridge was beautiful and absolutely heart-wrenching to watch. Seeing Ji-Won and Hyun-Soo really lay everything out on the line shows how much they care for one another.

To top everything off, this episode is easily one of the best of the season and an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. There’s a lot to pick out from this but the show is easily turning into one of the best K-dramas of the year.

The thriller and action elements blend so well with the drama and romance making for an all-round excellent series. Now comes the agonizing wait for next week’s episodes!

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