Flower Of Evil – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

A Shocking Reveal

As Flower Of Evil eases into its third act of this thrilling tale, everything looks set to unravel for Hyun-Soo in the worst possible way. There’s plenty of drama this episode too and crucially, we start to receive some clues over who the accomplice could be.

Episode 10 of Flower Of Evil begins in the past as Hyun-Soo greets an ecstatic Ji-Won whose just passed the police exam. As she throws her arms around him, we cut back to the present.

Hyun-Soo smiles confidently but not for long. Sang-Cheol shows him a laptop screen and his eyes immediately widen.

Meanwhile, Moo-Jin helps out Hae-Soo and gets her lights working again. Only, she questions just why he wasn’t there for her when she needed him in the past. As we soon see, she ran away from him after throwing her necklace on the ground.

This appears to have happened after Hae-Soo killed the village foreman and Moo-Jin turned his back on her. This is precisely why Moo-Jin wants to help so badly now. It appears he wants to try and make amends for what happened.

Unsure where else to turn, Hae-Soo phones Ji-Won and admits that Hyun-Soo was innocent. He didn’t kill anyone and she knows who killed the man. Obviously we know it’s her but Ji-Won has been convinced it was her husband all this time. And just like that Hyun-Soo arrives. He rushes up to Ji-Won and she immediately hugs him.

The situation at the police station is still precarious though. With Jung-Woon in surgery, the police are walking a fine line here. Thankfully a ray of hope comes in the form of Oh Bok Ja phoning the station after finding “something strange”. This strange item happens to be Moo-Jin’s Dictaphone which he lost during the attack at the house.

Meanwhile, Hyun-Soo finds himself caught in a precarious situation. As we cut back to the laptop screen, we see that 3 people were tied up and held captive. Hyun-Soo has been tasked with moving one of these individuals. In exchange, he’ll get the name of Min-Seok’s accomplice. With a burner phone in hand, Hyun-Soo is given strict instructions which is why he was able to get away.

Hee-Sung awakens properly from his comatose state and sits infront of the family photo. There, they talk about the current situation. Only, they’re interrupted by a ringing phone. Man-Woo receives a call from Hyun-Soo who asks for the money and promises to find the accomplice. After some contemplating, he agrees to help. In doing so, he keeps Hee-Sung quiet and tells him he hopes luck is on their side.

In the morning, Ji-Won receives the dreaded news. Jung-Soon has died and not made it through the night. Obviously this brings a lot of scrutiny on the police, something Ji-Won hopes to deflect by doubling down on the case.

However, she suddenly receives a mysterious calls from none other than Hyun-Soo. Only, it’s the same scrambled voice from before. He makes the four detectives promise not to speak. After coming to an agreement, he confirms the identity of the human trafficking ring he’s involved with. In particular, he reveals crucial details on how Min-Seok and the others operated. He makes a deal with them to raid their business transaction  and apprehend those responsible.

After laying down his terms, the deal seems set. However, Jae-Sub is not convinced. He questions what’s going on and refuses to believe Hyun-Soo’s not responsible. After keeping him quiet, the rest of the officers agree to Hyun-Soo’s terms. As they do, he gives up the name of Sang-Cheol. Just before he hangs up he tells them to tread lightly. If they fail it won’t just be the prisoners who go down – he will too.

Through all of this, Ji-Won obviously knows what’s going on and immediately phones Hyun-Soo. He pleads with her to go for dinner that night but he politely refuses of course.

Meanwhile, Hae-Soo heads to therapy and tries to remember key details from the past. The man who handed her the fish key-chain is still a blur in her mind. However, she focuses on his eyes and tries to remember his face. It’s too much for her though and she struggles to decipher the full meaning of this.

However, his studious eyes are enough for her to snap back to reality and become paranoid that someone is after her.

The police decide to try and get Hyun-Soo back on the phone in a bid to trace his true location. While they concoct this plan, both Moo-Jin and Hae-Soo meet up with Hyun-Soo and exhibit their discomfort in him going to the police.

Midway through talking though, the police phone the burner and confirm that they believe his tip-off. On the back of this, he talks them through the next stage of the operation and asks Hyun-Soo to trust them.

With the plan seemingly underway (and a quick shot of CEO Yeom with the picture seems to seal the deal) Hyun-Soo visits Man-Woo and discusses the money. He comments how his adoptive Father is closer to him than he knows. Given his cold and calculated manner in tackling these sort of situations, he’s not that far from the truth.

Just before Hyun-Soo heads out, he receives a call from Ji-Won who asks about the bag. She goes on to question the cassette player and the voice heard within. It turns out it’s of his Mother and she recorded it just before she went missing. After confirming the story, Ji-Won ends the call by telling him to stay safe. Suddenly he realizes the truth. Ji-Won knows who he is.

Now understanding, Ji-Won loses her temper and phones the therapist and gives her a piece of her mind. She immediately berates the woman and tells her she betrayed Hyun-Soo and let him down.

Hae-Soo checks online and starts trying to decipher the meaning of the green wristband she saw. This brings her to the University Hospital website. The same hospital that Man-Woo happens to be working at. Could he be Min-Seok’s accomplice?

Meanwhile, the audio files from the Dictaphone are recovered. Jae-Sub listens to these on the way back to the station and hears the truth. He now knows that Hyun-Soo is Hee-Sung. Only, given how Ji-Won has been acting lately, he realizes that she also knows this bombshell truth too. Oh no.

He bursts into the office and immediately tells Ji-Won to head outside and talk to him. Grabbing her by the wrist, Detective Choi confronts her about Hyun-Soo’s true identity, which is where the episode ends.

The Episode Review

Wow, what a dramatic episode! With Ji-Won’s cover blown, the police have now figured out everything and I’m sure Jae-Sub will inform everyone there about Hyun-Woo. Ji-Won’s career looks to come tumbling down now and she’s inadvertently been put in a really difficult position.

That’s not the only bombshell reveal though and it seems likely that Man-Woo may actually be involved or know what’s happening with the accomplice. The green wristband is just too much of a coincidence to think otherwise.

For now though, Flower Of Evil bows out with another really good episode with plenty of tension and drama. Quite what will happen next remains to be seen but one thing’s for sure – you’re not going to want to miss the next episode!

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