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Episode 13 of Flower Of Evil begins with a flashback to late Summer in 1997. Hee-Sung stands at the top of a rooftop and drops a brick to the ground below. As he’s questioned over why he did this, he feigns tears and has his mother brought in to vouch for him. As Hee-Sung is told to leave, he starts smirking.

This also happens to be the first time he met Min-Seok from the looks of it, as he talks to the boy about what he did.

This catches us up to the end of the previous episode. Hee-Sung has murdered again but he’s interrupted by Ji-Won and Hyun-Soo turning up at their door.

Man-Woo invites them in and encourages the couple to sit with him given they know everything. As the group dance around pleasantries, Ji-Won eventually sees Hee-Sung with her own two eyes. Only, he’s hooked up to the bed and feigning the severity of his injuries.

Man-Woo tries to strike a deal but that’s not why they’re there. It turns out Ji-Won and Hyun-Soon want to reveal the accomplice’s identity. They reveal how police are currently staking out the villa CEO Yeom is visiting on orders to kill Hyun-Soo. It seems they have the upper-hand, especially as Mi-Ja shakily pours herself a drink.

Unfortunately things aren’t that simple. Jae-Sub rings and confirms they’ve captured someone… but it’s actually the housekeeper. It looks like their intel was wrong. It actually turns out the real accomplice isn’t Man-Woo…it’s Mi-Ja! Only this doesn’t seem quite right.

That’s not all though. It turns out all of this is an elaborate ploy to trap the couple as we see flashbacks with Hee-Sung pulling the strings and encouraging the family to spring a trap. That trap comes in the form of biding time and distracting the pair while Hee-Sung heads down to the garage and plants evidence in their car.

The evening draws to a close and Ji-Won encourages her husband to leave this up to the police now.

While they head home, Yeom visits the mental institute where his “insurance” happens to be. Paying off the workers, it turns out the woman being kept there is actually Mi-Sook. She’s the wife to Park Kyung-Choon whom was murdered earlier in the season.

Back home, Hyun-Soo receives a rather alarming call from someone claiming to be a “fan”. Knowing this could spell trouble, Hyun-Soo traces the call to a payphone. When he gets there he doesn’t find anything except one of the cars facing the payphone with a dash-cam. They may have recorded what happened but they’re not in Seoul right now so it’s another dead end. However he does notice writing that says “hide and seek.”

The evidence planting soon takes form as a dead body shows up in the woods. Even more alarming, the body is missing her left thumbnail. As Moo-Jin races to inform Hee-Sung, Jae-Sub speaks to Ji-Won on the phone and informs her that the body is Park Soon-Young – the housekeeper for Man-Woo. The fingerprints however come back with no trace and it’s not in the system.

Ji-Won scans for fingerprints around the house while Hyun-Soo comes up with a plan – he’s going to meet Yeom and bring him out into the open. In doing so he’ll then be able to receive help from the police. Only, when he rings it’a actually Mi-Sook who picks up.

Ji-Won visits Hyun-Soo and admits that the fingerprints are actually his. This is all Hee-Sung’s plan which is made worse by Mi-Ja being forced to admit the same thing to Jae-Sub. This puts Hyun-Soo in the firing line.

The secret unfortunately gets out and all of this points to Hyun-Soo being the one responsible for killing the housekeeper. As Ji-Won puts handcuffs on Hyun-Soo, he starts to hallucinate and sees Min-Seok in front of him speaking of trust.

This causes him to snap, deciding not to trust Ji-Won anymore and holding her up at knife-point. As she pulls out the wires from the CCTV monitors, the screen fades to black.

The Episode Review

What a dramatic ending! If there’s one thing this episode confirmed, it’s that Hee-Sung is in control. This game of chess has really hit its climax now and it appears it may be checkmate for Hyun-Soo and Ji-Won.

The way Hee-Sun has manipulated his parents into doing his bidding is really quite shocking. It’s also something that keeps this drama incredibly exciting and unpredictable.

Seeing Ji-Won duty bound to arrest Hyun-Soo despite her love for him is really heartbreaking. Even more alarming is the obvious implication now that Hyun-Soo is the killer – even though he obviously isn’t. Still, the door is left wide open for where this one may go next and it’s definitely one you won’t want to miss!

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