Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Streets of Madness” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #66

We’re into the end game now so prepare yourself for some tough challenges ahead. When the chapter begins, watch the cutscene and then walk straight into the city. Kill the Akashic soldiers up ahead and then go through the next gate and continue on your way. Soon, you’ll reach another cutscene that paves way for a boss fight.

Boss Fight – Behemoth


Tips for Beating: The Behemoth is a mainstay enemy in the Final Fantasy series and just like series past entries, this is another tough customer.

Behemoth will use a lot of attacks that will see him pounce around the battlefield to your location, including the aptly titled Pounce. This is a powerful attack so be sure to dodge this as best you can. There’s also Spinning Swipe too, where Behemoth will spin around and try to hit you, enacting a large radius to avoid.

Comet is a familiar attack for Final Fantasy veterans, and here, Behemoth summons multiple comets to hit areas on the ground that are followed up with shockwaves. Another variation to this is Meteorain, which will see smaller comets hit the ground.

Headlong Rush will see Behemoth use its back legs to propel itself toward you, which is very fast so watch for the wind-up. There’s also Smash, where Behemoth will attack from the side or in front. However, he’ll only use this if you’re right in front of him.

Maelstrom will see a vortex that tracks your location and then eventually stop to create a tornado, so be sure to get out the way and keep moving. Thunderstorm is another big magic attack, which will see lightning strikes fall in your general location, while other strikes could actually hit you dead-on.

Finally, there’s Meteor, which is like an enhanced version of Comet, which similarly can do big damage. After the first stagger, Behemoth will grow more aggressive and along with those moves, he’ll use Ecliptic Meteor, which you need to be ready to hit two successful Cinematic Clashes to get out of.

In terms of techniques for beating, watch for openings after attacks, while using projectiles from afar, combined with Garuda’s wind powers like Wicked Wheel are going to be the way to go. Defensively using Flames of Rebirth to recover a portion of lost health while also doing damage is a good option, as is Heatwave, especially if you manage to get a Heatwave counter in.

This is a tough fight so be sure to combine aggression with playing a bit more conservatively and you should be okay.

2 Behemoth Shackle 40 Wyrrite 20 Sharp Fang
4000 EXP
250 Ability Points
4000 Gil

When Behemoth has been slain, watch the cutscene and then move forward. More enemies will await you. Make short work of these guys and then squeeze through the gap in the gate. On the other side are even more Akashic enemies to fend off.

Move Through The Castle

Open the next gate and regardless of if you take a left or right at this path, there will be enemies on either side. They both also lead to the same place too so take your pick over which way to go. Go through the next gate when the path joins back up and watch the cutscene.

Continue on and as you move through the castle, you’ll have more groups of enemies to fight, including an Akashic Coeurl along with several other soldiers, each with stun bars too.

When you’re done with this fight, move through the next gate and keep going. Kill the next group of enemies and then move through the city. More enemies and then another big gate. To open it, pull the lever by the side.

There will be another group of enemies on the other side, including an Akashic Warlord and his Orcish allies. Dispatch these and then watch the cutscene.

Once you’re done, take this opportunity to speak to Goetz and stock up on gear. Max out your potions and Elixirs, and make any gear that you can, especially if they’re better than the equipment you currently have equipped.

Talk to Joshua after speaking to Goetz and watch the next cutscene. Move forward and soon you’ll reach another cutscene, nestled in the middle of progressing up the stairs and into the next area. Once you’re at the top, move forward and watch the next cutscene. Continue to move through the area and soon you’ll come to a big fight – this time with Ultima.

Boss Fight – Ultima

Tips for beating: Finally the time has arrived to take on this tough foe, arguably the toughest in the entire game. Ultima is quick, he likes to teleport around, and he has some very annoying and devastating moves that can completely wipe you out if you’re not careful.

There are three distinct phases here, broken up with short cutscenes each time to signify you moving onto a tougher fight.

Phase 1

The full range of attacks that Ultima uses includes Neutron Flare, where multiple lasers spread out  and then those are swung in front in a quick arc. The best way to avoid this is to actually use Garuda’s Deadly Embrace and spam the Circle button as your jump won’t be enough to avoid it.

There’s also a Slashing Combo and Leaping Slash making up the melee side of things, while Electric Slash will see Ultima summon a lightning sword and then perform a slash while doing a somersault backwards.

Graviga will see Ultima summon a ball of energy that’ll burst near you and if it hits, you’ll lose a lot of health so be ready to dodge constantly around the battlefield. Mark of the Storm is a big lightning attack that Ultima likes to use as well, while Blizzard will see him rise up and fire ice crystals in your direction. In the later phases of the attack, he’ll use this multiple times.

Plan your attacks, use Garuda’s abilities to drop down the stun bar and follow it up with as many heavy hitting attacks and Limit Breaks as you can.

Phase 2

During the second phase, Ultima will add Event Horizon to his arsenal, which will see Clive caught in a damage center of gravity that follows him around. Be sure to dodge this and keep dodging as best you can to mitigate the damage caused here. He’ll also use upgraded versions of both Blizzard and Graviga, along with some pretty nasty melee combos so be ready to avoid those too.

Phase 3

The third Phase will see Ultima add even more moves to his repertoire, including Deliverance, where he’ll wield two flaming swords and then hit you with multiple attacks before pumelling a final vertical slash from below. There’s also a slam on the ground afterwards too.

Eternal Darkness will see Ultima teleport to the side of the arena, summoning two portals and then they’ll shoot beams of darkness at you, so be sure to watch out for them too.

Finally, Darkness Beam, Frostbolt and Flaming Glide are all magic attacks that you’ll need to watch carefully and dodge accordingly.

The main key here is patience and understanding Ultima’s attack patterns. When each phase starts, keep your distance and watch carefully for any openings. Some of the moves, like Graviga, do have openings where you can burst in and get some good combos, but you similarly need to make sure you’re not kamikaze in this one, as Ultima can do a lot of damage if you’re too reckless.

Eventually this big boss will be slain and you can sit back and breathe a sigh of relief… for now.

1 The Pull of Darkness (Dancing Steel) 10 Sharp Fang 10 Steelsilk
85 Magicked Ash 15000 EXP
650 Ability Points
7000 Gil

When this tough fight is over, watch the cutscene and then fast travel back to The Hideaway.


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