Final Fantasy XVI: Complete Walkthrough & Game Guide

Final Fantasy XVI – Complete Walkthrough

Welcome to our Final Fantasy 16 guide! Throughout the next few weeks we’ll be diving into every facet of the new Final Fantasy and helping you find the best ways to play the game and unlock everything there is to see. Unlike other Final Fantasy titles, 16 is far more action-orientated and as a result there’s a lot more emphasis on the combat.

We’ve played this one extensively and have everything you need to know about the game. From here, you’ll find links across to each of the individual missions for walkthroughs, along with links to FAQ guides and more.

Do bookmark this page though as we’ll be adding more and more articles over the coming weeks, including our ongoing coverage of the main missions, side quests and more!

FAQ Guides

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Main Quests

Final Fantasy 16 is very story heavy game and most of what you’ll be seeing here is related to the main narrative. The game has a total of 68 Main Quests and 76 Side Quests, not to mention Notorious Marks (Monster Hunts). Below, our table has individual walkthroughs for each mission. We’ve also highlighted the Point of No Return just before Mission 25 too, but the game does also prompt you to this beforehand.

Final Fantasy 16 Story Mission Walkthroughs

1) A Flame Summoned 2) To Kill a Dominant 3) Pride
4) Sunrise, Sunset 5) Lost in a Fog 6) Flight of the Fledgling
7) A Chance Encounter 8) Hide, Hideaway 9) Fanning Embers
10) Louder than Words 11) The Dead of Night 12) Headwind
13) Wings of Change 14) Awakening 15) The Wages of Guilt
16)The Hunter and the Hunted 17) Homecoming 18) Building Bridges
19) A Bearer’s Lot 20) Holding On 21) Back in the Day
22) Buried Memories 23) The Meaning of Life 24) Righting Wrongs
25) The Dame (Point of No Return!) 26) The Crystal’s Curse 27) Cid the Outlaw
28) Home, Sweet Home 29) The Gathering Storm 30) Dark Clouds Gather
31) Release 32) Bloodlines 33) Black Light Burns
34) Black or White 35) Here Be Monsters 36) Fire and Ice
37) After the Storm 38) Capital Punishment 39) Bolts from the Blue
40) Getting to Work 41) Riddle of the Sands 42) Follow the Crystals
43) Into the Darkness 44) Out of the Shadow 45) Letting Off Steam I
46) Letting Off Steam II 47) Letting Off Steam III 48) Onward
49) To Catch A Thief 50) Blood from the Stones 51) Fire in the Sky
52) Things Fall Apart 53) The Flames of War 54) Why We Fight
55) Down the Rabbit Hole 56) Cloak and Dagger 57) Evenfall
58) A Song of Hope 59) Like Father, Like Daughter 60) Full Steam
61) Through the Maelstrom 62) Across the Narrow 63) Footfalls in Ash
64) The Last King 65) Brotherhood 66) Streets of Madness
67) Back to Their Origin 68) Of Gods and Men


What do you think of the different missions? Are you playing through the game right now? Let us know in the comments below!

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