Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “The Last King” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #64

After fast travelling to Reverie, The Last King will begin. Prepare yourself, as this is another big battle with multiple enemies and boss fights along the way. However, it’s also a rather linear pathway too. Go up the Reverie tower, moving forward and fighting a group of Fallen enemies. After, walk through the door ahead.

Get on the lift and go up, fighting bombs that will be waiting for you at the top. There will be another door here to move through so do just that, and fight another wave of Fallen. After, go through the door.

Ascending Reverie Tower

Take another lift up, and when you reach the walkway, fight more Fallen enemies. There’s also a Purple Bavarois here too. This is a familiar Flan-type enemy from previous missions and games, but it’ll be armed with thunder-based attacks. After taking it out, go through two doors and take the next lift to the top floor. Kill all the enemies here and then open the next door. There will be another lift waiting so be sure to ide this one up too. At the top, there will be a short cutscene before a miniboss fight against the Soul Taker.

This isn’t too difficult, but be mindful of his attacks and get those Eikon abilities in as soon as you can to mitigate his damage.

After beating the Soul Taker, climb up the ledge and keep moving along the pathway. At the top, cross the bridge and fight more enemies that will appear along the way. Open the door on the left and proceed through.

It turns out this isn’t actually the top floor after all, given we have another lift to take up. Watch the cutscene that follows, before another couple of boss fights will begin while standing on the elevator, one after another.

Boss Fights -Control Node/Aurum Giant

Tips for beating: The Control Node doesn’t have masses of health, but it does have some big damage attacks that are surprisingly effective at catching you off-guard.

Rolling Ball will see a charged up spinning attack come your way, dashing into you. You should be able to dodge this one though. Sweeping Laser is a little trickier, which sees a small gun come out from the Node and firing in your direction. Be aware, there’s also a variation to this that sees the laser hitting into the ceiling rather than horizontally.

Electro Ball will see the Node spew a whole bunch of electrical orbs in your direction, while Short Circuit will see the Node head to the center of the arena and hit a beam of light at you. This beam will track you along with a bunch of other beams fired in your way. Make sure you dodge through these when they arrive.

Clamp will similarly see the Control Node fly in your direction and slam its halves together.

When the Control Node is really angry, it’ll attempt a big move by turning its health purple and counting down. While it’s charging up, be sure to get in as many Eikon abilities as possible to take the guy out. Be mindful of Slamming Attack though here, as it’ll hit you with a shockwave attack after some time.

Don’t use all your health right away though, as once this guy goes down, we’ll have another boss to fight straight after.

Aurum Giant

The Aurum Giant is basically a larger version of the Iron Giant, which we faced earlier in the game. The moveset and the way it attacks is almost identical, so refer to that guide HERE!

2 Fallen Iron 75 Wyrrite 3000 EXP
80 Ability Points 3000 Gil

When you’ve defeated these two, watch the cutscene and then climb the spiral slope. The door will open at the top and another cutscene will start. Get ready, as the final fight against Barnabas is about to begin!

Boss Fight – Barnabas

Tips for beating:

Phase 1

During this first phase, the familiar Slashing Combo will make a reappearance, with Barnabas hitting two slashing attacks at you. There’s also a slight variation of this move where he’ll thrust instead of slashing in your direction, so be mindful of that.

Riposte will see Barnabas guarding against your attacks. If he manages to block three attacks in a row, he’ll hit you with a nasty (and rather large) circular attack. It’s best to hold off from attacking when he does this.

Wave of Darkness will see a vertical slice of energy hit you across the battlefield, and later on in the fight he’ll follow this up with a vertical one too.

Gungnir will see Barnabas jump in the air and then throw a spear of darkness in your direction. There’s the impact of the spear to watch out for, the shockwave that follows, and then the splash damage. Be sure to watch all of these.

In later phases, Barnabas will also use The Lord’s Measure, where he’ll summon lines that hang in the air before charging up with darkness and causing damage. This is a tricky move to dodge but try and time your jumps and dodges. Be aware too that further into the battle, he’ll add in even more lines to this attack.

Phase 2

The notable part of this fight is the reduced battlefield length. We’re now in a much more narrow area, so be mindful of that when attacking. Unfortunately, Barnabas also comes with a few new attacks, that he’ll use alongside beefed up versions of the Phase 1 moves.

Blinding Steel will see Barnabas create a long line of energy that charges up and then covers the whole battlefield. The only way to dodge this is to literally get behind Barnabas just before he performs this attack.

Downward Slash on the other hand, is a telegraphed move that will see him teleport into the area and slam into the ground, exploding the group with splash damage.

Phase 3

You’ll know this Phase has started because Barnabas’ HP bar will change to a familiar purple one and he’ll start gathering energy for an absolutely devastating move. Unlike other bosses, Barnabas actually moves around the battlefield, hitting you with his familiar attacks while this is taking place. Gigaflare and any other high damage attacks are your best bets here.

When that’s done, he’ll also have Great Divide, where he’ll charge up his sword, making it huge and then hitting with a vertical and horizontal swing covering almost the entire battlefield. He’ll also follow it up with The All-Wielder, which is another sword attack, that sees the sword swing forward and then firing a beam of darkness in front. Dodge to the side of this and use this time to get more damage into Barnabas.

After knocking his health down enough, Barnabas will teleport into the sky, becoming Odin and using a special attack, that will see him switch to horizontal, thrusting and slammed sword strikes across the battlefield.

When Barnabas transforms back, the final phase of this fight will occur, so get as much damage in as possible and he’ll soon go down.

1 Dark Shard 8000 EXP 600 Ability Points
7000 Gil

When you’ve finally defeated Barnabas, watch the cutscene and the quest will end.

Footfalls in Ash


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