Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Footfalls in Ash” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #63

After fast travelling to The Shadow Coast, Footfalls in Ash will begin. Follow the path along until you reach the deserted village. Once there, you’ll have some Akashic enemies to take out. Keep fighting through the village after this before continuing on to open the gate ahead.

Watch the cutscene and then proceed to the next marker. There are a couple of items on the ground to pick up along the way, and a rabble of other enemies too. Eventually, you’ll open a gate and cross a big bridge before being greeted with another cutscene.

There are a few waves of Akashic enemy combatants here, including the returning Sveithvaldr, but an Akashic version this time. He’s quite straightforward to fight, just watch out for slicing attacks and he sure to knock that stun bar down with heavy-hitting wind attacks.

After defeating these waves of enemies, watch the cutscene in the aftermath of battle. Next, go ahead to the Obelisk and inside the house next to it. There will be another short cutscene before a new point on the map is marked.

From Eistla, go east to the marked area, fighting through enemy combatants along the way. Watch the cutscene when you reach the marker, and then fast travel over to the Reverie.

Across the Narrow

The Last King

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