Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Through the Maelstrom” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #60

Once you’ve fast travelled to The Naldia Narrow, this quest will begin immediately. No sooner have we started, another group of enemies will show up on the Black Galleon that you’ll need to take care of.

Progress Through The Black Galleon

Defeat these and then go through the door to move on. Keep going through the ship, being sure to look around for any items that may be in plain sight along the way.

Open the gate at the top of the stairs and a cutscene will begin. There will be another group of soldiers to defeat here, but when it’s done, open another gate and go down the stairs. Descend down the ladder, and open the door on the right. In this room are even more soldiers, so defeat these and press on through to the next door, where a cutscene will ensue, followed by another boss fight.

Boss Fight – Barnabas

Tips for beating: Barnabas is another tricky customer, and here this is only part 1 of a bigger fight with Odin later on in the story. For now though, this section of the fight has many similarities to the Sleipnir fight, with him using plenty of horizontal sword swipes and other nasty melee attacks. You’ll need to be mindful of playing too aggressively here, as he’ll dodge and counter a lot of your Eikon abilities if he’s mid-attack.

Along with some melee strikes, he’s also got Gungnir that he’ll use, which will see Barnabas jump in the air and then throw a spear of darkness in your direction. There’s the impact of the spear to watch out for, the shockwave that follows, and then the splash damage. Be sure to watch all of these.

Barnabas will also use The Lord’s Measure, where he’ll summon lines that hang in the air before charging up with darkness and causing damage. This is a tricky move to dodge but try and time your jumps and dodges. Be aware too that further into the battle, he’ll add in even more lines to this attack.

When you get near the end of the fight, Barnabas will use Iron Flash, which will turn his health bar purple. Don’t try and stop this too much as you’re supposed to lose this fight, giving you a taster of a much tougher fight down the line.

1 The Will of Light (Impulse) 100 Steelsilk 100 Bloody Hide
2 Meteorite 6500 EXP
500 Ability Points
6700 Gil

After the fight with Barnabas, another cutscene will start before fast traveling back to The Hideaway. When there, speak to Otto and finish this quest.

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Across the Narrow

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