Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Full Steam” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #59

We’re now in The Ironworks, so be ready for more combat on the horizon. After a cutscene, you’ll immediately be fighting off Akashic enemies. A lot of these are quite straightforward but be prepared, as there are a lot of different enemies that show up here. They will also come in three waves. If you’ve unlocked them, the Phoenix’s Flames of Rebirth and Ramuh’s Exact are excellent choices for doing a lot of damage to multiple enemies.

The third wave that show up include an Akashic Sveithvaldr, which has a stun bar and some big, beefy attacks. The pattern will be similar to other larger enemies faced before, so be sure to knock down that stagger bar as quickly as possible, using a combination of Garuda’s quick attacks, and Eikon abilities with a splash damage radius to hit other enemies around.

After this, there will be another scene before you’ll have to face off against Sleipnir again. Only… he’s not alone. For some reason, Sleipnir has multiple copies of himself. Joshua explains in a cutscene here that he’s probably a creation of Odin. Your task here is to basically fight off against all these Sleipnir, but they’re nowhere near as difficult as the previous chapter’s boss fight.

This isn’t really a boss fight per-se, given this fight relies on you taking out the multiple cloned copies. When you’ve killed enough, another cutscene will hit, prompting you to fast travel over to The Naldia Narrow.

A Song of Hope

Through the Maelstrom

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