Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Flight of the Fledgling” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #6

A cutscene opens this chapter, depicting The Shields of Rosaria, who have marched to Phoenix Gate. The night before the ceremony, which is supposed to see the young prince Joshua hearing the Words of their Ancestors, the fortress comes under attack.

Flight of the Fledging switches things up and now allows you to control Joshua for the first part of this chapter, who’s awoken in the middle of the night. While being led to safety by a Shield, go through the fortress with him, beating a few enemies along the way.

Joshua specializes in Fire attacks which can do a fair chunk of damage, but he’s also pretty slow so be sure to keep your distance from any enemy combatants. It’s quite a straightforward segment, with mostly linear corridors along the way with little room to deviate.

Fighting Through The Castle

After a cutscene, everyone will be back together again, and this time you’ll take control of Clive. Once you do, be sure to pick up the Stoneskin Tonic nearby and go through the door. Kill the enemies in the next room and keep moving through the castle. There are a couple of items to pick up along the way, including a High Potion and Potion, but these are quite straightforward and difficult to miss.

It’s a good idea, if you haven’t already, to use Scarlet Cyclone whilst around crowds of enemies. A lot of the areas here are quite tightly compacted together, so it’s a nice way of showing off how much damage this can do to a lot of enemies in one go.

Keep moving through the various corridors and eventually you’ll find yourself in the courtyard, where you’ll be ready to fight the Knight of the Blinding Dawn, a formidable boss.

Boss Fight – Knight of the Blinding Dawn

Tips for beating: This fight starts off with a Cinematic Evasion prompt, so make sure to watch out for it when this dragoon jumps off the rooftop! While this is a boss fight here, you’ll end up facing these Knights a good deal across the game’s lengthy run.

This enemy is a bit faster than Morbol, but its moves are just as telegraphed. Most of the normal attacks here are variations on both Gigas and Morbol’s normal strikes, with a combination of large swings, thrusts, and a downward thrust after jumping high up in the air. Be sure to keep moving around the battlefield, using a combination of melee and fireball strikes from afar.

As the fight progresses, this knight will start using its main special attack, Jump. Be sure to get out the way of this as it’ll do a good chunk of damage. The Knight will jump into the air, then slam down into a spot represented by a vertical beam of blue light. There’s also a later variant called Double Jump too.

When the Knight is at around 50% health, there’s another opportunity to do a Cinematic Strike. If successful, you’ll immediately stagger the Knight, allowing for extra damage. As before, make sure you save your big Eikon Abilities when the Knight’s Stun bar is nearly depleted!

63 EXP 75 Ability  Points

Phoenix VS Ifrit Part 2

Once you’ve defeated the Knight, watch the next cutscene which is a significant part of the story. After this shocking scene, you’ll be back controlling the Phoenix like you were at the very start of the game. This time though, there are slightly different controls and more fluidity to this fight, with the ability to lock onto your target with L1. This is useful as the Eikon of Fire will dive at you more frequently, prompting you to dodge with R1. You’ll also be able to control a stream of fireballs with your Left Analog Stick.

This is quite a long fight, considering, and there are a couple of Cinematic Strikes in the middle of this too. Eventually you’ll defeat the Eikon and trigger another cutscene. It’s also worth noting too that you’ll bag 50 EXP for finishing this second fight. After watching the cutscene, we’re onto the next chapter.

Lost in a Fog

A Chance Encounter

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