Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Lost in a Fog” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #5

Welcome to Final Fantasy 16’s first dungeon. These areas are very linear, with minor bits of exploration, sporting varying degrees of rewards from utterly useless items like “2 Gil”, to Potions, Strength tonics or crafting items. There isn’t really much you can miss here, although completionists will still itch to see and collect everything!

Of Goblins and Gil

After a short cutscene, go down the pathway into the swamps. Be sure to collect the 2 gil that’s very difficult to miss before progressing forward through the linear path. Should you get lost, there’s also a set of butterflies that illuminate the pathway ahead to progress. After heading under a log, you’ll come to your first combat area, featuring a rabble of goblins.

Another tutorial here will guide you to snap to the nearest enemy by pressing L1. This can be very useful for boss fights (which we’ll come to shortly) but for multiple enemies, it may not be the best tactic.

After defeating the goblins, keep going through a small hole in the gate. There are a couple of QTEs here too, which will see you pressing X and then squeezing R2 to kick open cracked wooden boards. Do be sure to squeeze through a gap on the right afterwards to pick up a Strength Tonic.

After defeating another horde of goblins, go left into the building and ascend the stairs, where you’ll find another Strength Tonic. Back out of this area and to the right, climb the ladder and keep going. Take out another set of goblins before breaking some wood at the back of the area to nab yourself another Potion.

“They Have a Cave Troll”

The game will prompt you to break the wood to make the bridge lower so go ahead and do that now. Keep your eyes peeled for another Potion ahead, before trigger another cutscene and taking care of the goblins. However, this is no mere rabble of goblins, as they’ve brought a friend with them.

Mini-boss Fight – Gigas

Tips for beating: Gigas is slow but what he lacks in speed, he more than makes up for in power.

Be sure to watch out for his clubbing blows and spinning attacks, but use these to your advantage by executing Precision Dodges at just the right time to give yourself a slight advantage.

This is also the first time you’ll be facing an enemy that’s able to be Staggered. The yellow bar beneath the Health will need to be dropped down before inflicting maximum damage, although the halfway point also marks

Also be sure to use your Eikon Abilities too, as well as Phoenix Shift, dashing forward with Circle and slashing a combo with Square.

Given you’re not alone in this fight, be sure to save your big attacks when that yellow bar is nearly depleted so you can hit maximum damage while Gigas is down and out.

1x Hard Leather Armlets 54 EXP 45 Ability Points

After defeating Gigas, head through a gap to the right to pick up a High Potion. There’s also a Potion on the other side of the building too. When you’re ready, keep going after the Goblin leader until another cutscene starts.

Boss Fight – Morbol

Tips for beating: Morbol is just as slow as Gigas but it does have more attacks you really need to watch out for. Along with tentacle swipes (which you can dodge), he also uses Bad Breath. Unlike in other FF titles, this won’t do any status effect damage but this green gas does do a good deal of damage to front-facing enemies.

Dodge your way round to the back and continue to pummel away at Morbol. After staggering him the first time, Morbol will reappear after briefly diving underway and suck Clive in. This will occur twice and its purpose is to introduce you to Cinematic Strike and Cinematic Evasion. These will flash up as timed QTE events on the screen, flashing Blue and Red respectively.

Along with another move similar to Bad Breath, Morbol will also start using Wild Rage as his health starts to grow closer to depleting. This attack sees Morbol charge in the direction he’s looking. It’s pretty easy to dodge and after using it, Morbol ends up lying face-down for a short period, allowing you free reign to hit him numerous times.

50 EXP 70 Ability Points

Onward to Phoenix Gate!

After defeating Morbol, you’re greeted to another cutscene before being whisked back to the World Map. Once here, fast travel to Phoenix Gate, and the mission is done.

Sunrise, Sunset

Flight of the Fledgling

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