Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Evenfall” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #57

Once you’ve fast travelled over to The Free Cities of Kanver, go straight ahead and take a right. Here, you’ll come to a group of enemies. After defeating these guys, keep going through the city. There will be another group of enemies to dispatch just after this.

Follow the red marker and enter the room. Go up the stairs and more enemies will be waiting for you at the top of the landing. Open the next door after, fight another group, and be mindful as this one includes an orc warlord within its ranks.

Go through the next gate, picking up any items along the way. There’s another set of doors at the end, where yet another group of enemies will be waiting. Beat these and watch the short cutscene, which paves the way for another boss fight.

Boss Fight – Sleipnir

Tips for beating: Sleipnir is an agile boss and he comes with technically two phases to his attacks. The first is relatively straightforward, but after the first stagger, he does become more difficult, with an array of new moves added to his arsenal.

During the first stage, watch out for Slashing Combo and Thrusting Combo, simple melee attacks that will see him come at you with his sword. Dark Orb is a magical attack with an orb of dark energy fired in your direction. Given the speed and tracker on it, be sure to dodge this at the last second to get a Precision Dodge in.

Delayed Darkness will see Sleipnir touch the ground, summon darkness around your exact location, exploding with dark fire. You need to be wary of this and dodge out of the explosion. Given he doesn’t attack while conjuring this attack, it’s a good time to get some crucial hits in. Finally, there’s Dark Fist, which is a short-range punch that ends with an explosion.

After the aforementioned stagger, Sleipnir will switch our his weapon and start using more devastating skills. The first is Darkness Thrust, where he’ll lunge forward with his spear, jabbing and then ending with a line of darkness in your direction. Melee Combo is quite straightforward but Creeping Darkness is a bit trickier. Here, he’ll summon a bunch of dark orbs to your location. The orbs themselves aren’t difficult but Sleipnir will use this to try and get some Melee Combo attacks in, which may catch you off-guard.

Ratatoskr sees Sleipnir summon swords of darkness that crash down to the battlefield, so be sure to dodge out the way of the splash damage areas on the ground. There’s also Scar of Nibelung, where Sleipnir will jump in the air and smash to the ground, creating linear attacks in a star shape. When this attack winds up, move away and judge where the strikes are going to be.

The final attack is Sleipnir’s most devastating, Dead Man’s Bier. Here, he’ll fly into the air and cast Ratatosky, which will see a whole bunch of swords down, followed by three large spears in different locations. These send shockwaves out when they hit the ground. This is then followed by the aforementioned Scar of Nibelung.

This is a tricky move to dodge or jump over, given the location of the shockwaves, but after using this there will be a short window where you’ll be ale to get some attacks in against this boss.

By now, you should be getting a handle on your Eikon abilities and be comfortable switching on the fly so be sure to come armed with an array of stagger-effective moves and some heavy hitting, big damage attacks. Watch out for this guy’s agility, and you should be fine.

2 Sanguine Insignia 45 Wyrrite 2 Meteorite
5200 EXP 420 Ability Points 3500 Gil

After defeating Sleipnor, watch the cutscene and then go back to the Hideaway to finish this combat-heavy chapter.

Cloak and Dagger

A Song of Hope

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