Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “A Song of Hope” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #58

We’re now back at the Hideaway. Feel free to check out any additional side quests and Hunt Board marks that may have been added here, as this is a good time to do just that.

When you’re ready, go and speak to Otto. He has another subquest for you to complete.

Story Subquest #59 – Like Father, Like Daughter

After talking to Otto, go to Mid’s workshop. There will be two areas marked in this area, so be sure to interact with both the desk and the shelf. Once you’re done go back and talk to Otto. He’ll then send you off to the organ, so go there and watch the cutscene. Check out the machine, watch another cutscene and then the quest will end.
1 Black Blood 1 Gil Bug 600 EXP
500 Ability Points 1000 Gil  45 Renown

When this is done, watch the next cutscene and then we’re onto our next stop on our journey to the end. A new area will be marked on the World Map called The Ironworks. Once you’ve fast travelled over, this mission will come to an end.


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