Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Cloak and Dagger” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #56

After finishing those subquests, we’re now onto another simple but important mission on our way to the next leg of our journey. After fast traveling to The Krozjit Echoes, follow the signpost along the way. As you get closer to the ruins, head on past several waves of enemies and keep going down the path. When you get to Tabor, go through the door on the right that’s marked and watch the cutscene.

It’s worth noting here that you can actually summon your Chocobo when you start the chapter and skip past the ruin enemies if you want, which will speed this section up considerably.

After the cutscene inside the room, leave Tabor through the east exit. Another cutscene will start and when it’s over, keep going until you reach the Free Cities of Kanver. There will be a few clusters of orcs to fight along the way but there’s not anything too troubling here.

Watch the cutscene as you progress closer to the city and then finish the quest go fast travelling over when the game prompts you with the word map.

Things Fall Apart


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