Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Things Fall Apart” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #52

After defeating Bahamut in an epic clash of the ages, we’re now back in the Hideaway, First, go to Otto and talk to him. After catching up, go into the Map Room and speak to Vivian. There’s also Harpocrates to speak to after this too, so be ready for some trekking backwards and forwards.

Following all of this, go back and talk to Otto again. He’ll give you three tasks that need to be completed before we can continue. There’s trouble over in: Martha’s Rest, Northreach and Dalimil. So let’s get to it.

Story Subquest #53 – The Flames Of War

Fast travel over to Martha’s Rest and talk to Martha in the inn. She’ll task you with heading out to take care of different Akashic enemy groups, of which there are two separate groups to take out. First, head over the bridge and watch the short cutscene. Defeating the enemies that arrive, go back whence you came and go down the lift.

There’s another group of enemies just outside the lift, complete with an armored Horde Adamantoise. This is a pain to defeat as his weak spot is by his head, and his armour is thick, so normal attacks won’t be much use here. He also uses a spinning lunge attack across the battlefield too, so be sure to dodge this when he uses it.

The best tactic here is to pummel him with Garuda’s Wind Elemental attacks to get the stun bar down, and be sure to use heavy-hitting moves like Bahamut’s Gigaflare and the Phoenix’s Rising Flames and Flames of Rebirth.

When the enemies are defeated, watch the next scene and complete this subquest.

1 Guardian’s Scarf 100 Magicked Ash 1 Meteorite
500 EXP  1000 Gil  45 Renown

After finishing the ruckus over at Martha’s Quest, there’s no time to pat ourselves on the back just yet, as we have another mission to undertake. Head on over to Northreach to start the next mission.

Turn right when you enter the city through the market and go to the Veil. There’s a courtesan outside, so go and speak to her to start a new quest.

Story Subquest #54 – Why We Fight

After speaking to the courtesan outside the Veil, go to the Garrison on the other side of town. Watch the cutscene and then go and speak to the two wounded soldiers. After that leave the city towards Moore. On the way, Akashic enemies will show up that you’ll need to defeat. So go ahead and do just that. Be prepared as there’s a good deal of different enemies here, including another dreaded Lich.

Watch the cutscene afterwards to finish the quest.

100 Magical Ash 1 Meteorite 500 EXP
500 Ability Points  45 Renown

With Northreach taken care of, we now need to go to The Dalimil Inn. Fast travel over there now and chat with L’ubor. The place is a mess and it’ll also start our last subquest of this story mission.

Story Subquest #55 – Down the Rabbit Hole

Talk with L’ubor and then follow the sign over to the other side of the courtyard and open the door. Watch the short cutscene and then go and talk to Viktor, who’s literally right in front of you.

Turn around and leave the inn, speaking with L’ubor just after. Now you’ll have two markers; go to each one (talking to Viktor and L’ubor), and then watch the cutscenes that ensue there.

Go back to the main square and speak to Viktor again. Our next stop is the north gate, where there will be a bunch of thieves there. They’ll come in several waves, but it shouldn’t be anything too problematic.

50 Sharp Fang 50 Steelsilk 50 Bloody Hide
400 EXP 500 Ability Points  45 Renown

Now that all three tasks are completed, the next stop is The Hideaway, so go ahead and fast travel back there now. Update Otto on your progress and watch the scene that follows. The next stop is The Krozjit Echoes, so go ahead and fast travel there now.

Fire in the Sky

Cloak and Dagger

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