Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Fire in the Sky” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #51

The Crystalline Dominion hangs by a thread. Civil War is threatening to consume the entire region, and in comes Clive, Jill and Torgal to try and bring balance back to the instability. After the opening cutscene, follow the rooftops in front of you. It’s a pretty linear path, one that will see you move between rooftops before ascending a ladder. At the top, a short cutscene will start.

Move forward after this and destroy the enemies that approach. There are two sets here to deal with before you head down a slope and through a gap. While in the sewers, a couple of crabs will show up so do be sure to take those out too.

Heading for the Bell Tower

At the other side of the sewer, there will be a short cutscene that shows the Bell Tower, your current destination. After heading out, use a rope lift by interacting with the lever on the far right and ascend up to higher ground. Of course, more soldiers are here waiting for you. This is a rather large group but nothing that a blast of Scarlet Cyclone and/or Flames of Rebirth shouldn’t be able to handle. Similarly, Garuda’s most powerful technique, Aerial Blast, is a good one to equip here as it can hit multiple enemies.

When they’re defeated, go to the left side and open the gate. Go up a ladder, and through a second gap before taking out even more enemies. Climb up the next ladder and wait for the short cutscene to play out. It’s worth noting at this point that this entire region is very linear and you’ll be able to pick up any items lying around here with ease as they’re really difficult to miss.

There are several sets of wooden doors here, with the first leading out to a tight corridor holding a Dragoon Lancer (complete with a stun bar) before the second will see you descend down some stairs. Do just this, and then open the wooden doors at the bottom, watching the cutscene that plays out.

Boss Fight – White Dragon

Tips for beating: Remember the Akashic Dragon? Well, the White Dragon is basically the upgraded version of that foe. Given how big the White Dragon is, multiple-hit attacks are going to be your best friend. Wicked Wheel and Scarlet Cyclone are both great to have equipped (especially the upgraded versions) along with Thunderstorm (if you’re using Ramuh’s abilities).

Furthermore, the dragon’s head is effectively its weak spot, so try your best to level all attacks against it there. When staggered, it’ll slouch down to the ground so be sure to move round to its face and pummel away your combos rather than from the tail or the wingspan.

The Dragon also has a lot of attacks at its disposal. Ice Shards will see the dragon spit out four ice balls and they’ll stick to the ground wherever they land, before exploding for extra damage. There’s also an aerial version of this too. Homing Laser is exactly that, which will see many lasers launched at you from both sides. These lasers are slow and when timed right, you’ll get a neat Precision Dodge in too.

Spinning Dive sees the White Dragon rise up and lunge at you, spinning as it does. The attack has a very obvious wind-up given it spins in mid-air before lunging. It’s pretty easy to dodge too. There’s also Head Swipe and Wing Swipe, which are both melee strikes. The former will see him spin around which you can dodge through, while the latter will see less of a cooldown attached after the dragon performs a one-side swiping motion with his head.

White Dragon will also use Smash, where it rears up on its hind legs then causing a large blast of icicles to belch out from the ground. Run away from the dragon and get out of its blast radius when this happens.

Once its been staggered the first time, Emanation is a big move to watch out for. Here, the dragon will create multiple ice crystals and float them around the battlefield. It’s a tricky attack to dodge but focus on the lasers and try your best to avoid being hit. There’s also Ice Star too, where the dragon will create light on the ground and then cause damaging pillars to smash out. Be sure to move into a safe area to avoid being hit with this.

Along with the above strategies, make sure you use Phoenix Shift to teleport closer to the Dragon’s face too, and get a few attack combos in, preferably alongside Wicked Wheel to drop that stun bar. Eventually, the dragon will go down and nab you some good rewards.

3 Whitewyrm Bones 20 Sharp Fangs 20 Bloody Hides
1500 EXP 200 Ability Points 3200 Gil

The White Dragon has been slain, and you’ll be graced with a cutscene to confirm as much. After, go and talk to Goetz.

For this part of the mission, you’ll be able to use him as both a Blacksmith and Merchant. It’s basically an impromptu rest-spot before continuing on. When you’re all stocked up with potions (which is a must) and upgraded anything you can, talk to Jill.

Toward Bahamut

This serves as another “point of no return” although it happens mid-mission so we’re not really missing much as you can return to any side quests etc. after. Follow the path straight ahead to the heart of the crystal. You’ll notice the area is overcome with magical energy and that means the enemies here are going to be tougher, juiced up versions from before.

Open the door and keep going until you find more enemies to fight. These groups include some very annoying enemies, including the returning Lich, who’s back with more teleporting shenanigans. Just be sure to use your big hitting abilities here as you go. Go through the big gates and you’ll drop down into another arena where the aforementioned Lich is.

Once that’s done, climb up the wooden board against a wall and climb up to move on. There’s also a couple of chests here too, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled along the linear path.

Go up the stairs from here and head right, then climb another wall. There will be a short cutscene as Clive and Jill notice the Phoenix and Bahamut fighting in the sky. Move forward and fight more enemies in the next area, before jumping across the gap and up the slope.

Keep going down the path ahead and another cutscene will arrive. There are several more groups of enemies on this linear path, including the returning Undertaker, who’s a little easier to take out now that we’ve levelled up since last meeting him. Eventually, you’ll drop down into a new area where the second boss of this quest is lurking.

Boss Fight – Necrophobe

Tips for beating: The Necrophobe looks like a rejected version of Steppenwolf from the 2017 Justice League movie, but don’t be fooled by his appearance, this is one tough customer.

Necrophobe is essentially split into four different phases, each coming at key parts of the battle as you chip away at the boss’ health. During the opening parts of the battle, Ncrophobe is actually quite docile and not too difficult to handle. He’ll lunge at you with Lightning Dash, slash at you with his sword using Sword Slash and then use Energy Ball, which sees orbs float spin in a circle before shooting energy at you.

However, once Necrophobe has been staggered once, things get a little trickier. He’ll start using Sword Combo (a multi-hit sword attack) and Firaga, which sees large fireballs surrounding him, which are then spat out in a spiral motion. The upgrade to this, used later on in the fight, is Dualcast: Firaga, where it’s done twice in a row.

Blizzaga is also used, which sees a large beam of ice magic fired in a line toward you. Just like Firaga, this also has a Dualcast variant too.

After the second successful Stagger, Necrophobe will charge up his powerful purple bar attack – Death. Get rid of this as quickly as possible, using all your Eikon abilities and Limit Break against Necrophobe if you can. If he manages to cast it, you’ll be given a Game Over screen, so it’s imperative that you do this.

Once you stop the death counter, Necrophobe has three more nasty attacks at his disposal. Enfiraga will see him charge at you with a flaming sword, very similar to Clive’s Rising Flames attack. There’s also Enblizzaga, where the ground will explode with icicles. Get out the radius here because it’ll do big damage if you’re hit. Finally, Enthundaga creates multiple jets of electricity across the battle which Necrophobe will combine with Lightning Dash so be ready to dodge out of these but keep a lock on your boss too.

This is a tough fight but if you keep using your abilities and watch out for the above attacks, you should come out on top.

3 Whitewyrm Bones 20 Sharp Fangs 20 Bloody Hides
1500 EXP 200 Ability Points 3200 Gil

After beating the Necrophobe, watch the cutscene and then climb the wall in front of you. From here, go up the stairs after entering the building, and open the doors ahead for another cutscene. It’s time to face Bahamut. Good luck, this is another long fight with multiple stages.

Boss Fight – Bahamut


Tips for beating: 

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the Bahamut fight will see you controlling Ifrit. This is a standard Eikon fight, but Bahamut does have some nasty moves that get progressively more difficult and hard-hitting as the fight continues.

Spinning Divebomb will see Bahamut dive down at you while spinning around. The attack is deceptive as it seems easy to dodge but he’ll come at you lightning quick so well done if you manage to get a Precision Dodge in here rather than just evading outright!

Wingblades will see vertical blades thrown your way and are relatively easy to dodge, while Aura Blast will see a large area of splash damage eventually explode.

Quintessence and Flare Breath both make up the rest of the moves here. The former, sees light orbs slowly drifting toward you. Flare Breath meanwhile, will see the big dragon using an extended breath attack at your location.

It’s quite a short phase in truth, so use aerial and ranged attacks to knock Bahamut’s stagger down before hitting your biggest attacks. After dealing lots of damage, a quick cutscene will see Joshua and the Phoenix join the fight. In his rage, Clive will then learn Spitflare, which is a fantastic big-damage attack.

Phase 2

This Phase will see you take to the skies as you control Joshua as the Phoenix. This on-rails shooter segment will basically see you hitting Bahamut from afar, while he throws attacks your way.

Flare Breath is usually followed up with Homing Orbs, which sees a circle of light orbs slowly travelling your way. There’s a variation to this coming in the form of Orb Turret, where multiple orbs with crystals inside will fire off their own laser attacks and have their own HP bar too.

Megaflare meanwhile, is more tricky. Here, it’ll see Bahamut send out a large number of projectiles that’ll track you so be sure to constantly dodge away from these.

Halfway through this phase, Bahamut will bring in a whole bunch of Homing Orbs that will begin charging him up. Be sure to hit with charged Volleys to get rid of these as quickly as possible to prevent him using Gigaflare. Eventually, you’ll get him down to a decent amount of health.

Phase 3

We’re back as Ifrit and this time the Phoenix is here to back you up. We’re back on the ground and with both Brimstone and Spitfire to use, Bahamut is a little more manageable. At least to attack anyway. In terms of this boss’ offensive moves, there’s some nasty ones added to the roster.

Mortal Coil will see a single ball of light head down to the ground and erupt, while he also has a variation called Triple Coil, which sees three of these thrown out in quick succession.

Ground Slam will see Bahamut slam to the ground pretty quickly, sending out a shockwave that you’re best off jumping over. Finally, there’s Energy Rain, where lasers of light are thrown into the sky.

Try to save Spitflare for when Bahamut is staggered, and halfway through this phase, there will be another big moment you’ll need to prepare for. Bahamut will start charging up Teraflare, so be sure to head inside the barrier that Phoenix will create in the middle of the arena. After, you’ll get a Cinematic Clash to complete.

Phase 4

“This isn’t even my final form!” Bahamut screams as he’s STILL not down and out! Thankfully, this is the last stage. Here, you’ll be fighting in a combined Ifrit and Phoenix form, with suped up attacks and a new variation on Phoenix Shift too, allowing you to move quickly across the arena, which happens to be up in space.

Along with the aforementioned abilities, Bahamut will also use Supernova, which will see a huge energy ball thrown at you. Gigaflare is a persistent breath attack, and more powerful than previous versions, while Lightflare is a smaller variation of this.

Dashing Lasers is another new ability, with homing lasers tracking you as Bahamut dashes away from you.

Radiance wil see multiple beams of light seeeping the battlefield, while Stationary Lasers are just that, with small orbs targetting you with thin lasers.

The final ability here is Celestial Foundry, which will see the entire battlefield turned into a wall of glyphs. You can pass through to the other side to avoid being hit, being sure to get in some attack combos to Bahamut when you do, but this is still a very difficult move to dodge.

Eventually, once his health is knocked down to about halfway, you’ll need to do a Cinematic Dodge to continue. However, you also need to watch out for Bahamut charging up Teraflare when his health bar turns purple. Use Spitfire and your best attack combos to get that bar down as quickly as possible.

1 Light Shard 50 Wyrrite 50 Magicked Ash
3000 EXP 300 Ability Points 3000 Gil

Once Bahamut has been defeated, watch the lengthy cutscene that follows, which is split into multiple parts. There’s a crucial scene here showing just what led to Bahamut’s rage (which I won’t spoil here!) which will let you bask in the epicness of this fight. After, head back to the Hideaway to finish this quest.


Things Fall Apart

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