Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Out of the Shadow” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #44

We’re finally back at the Hideaway and Hugo Kupka is dead. Now it’s time to spread the good news. First up, go and find Otto. Talk to him and watch the cutscene. Next, speak to Vivian in the Map Room. After that, you’ll need to speak to Charon, Blackthorne and Harpocrates too.

Go back to Otto’s location, talk to him again, and then proceed up the stairs to see Mid. Go to her workshop (which is just down the next set of winding stairs) and she’ll tell you to go and talk to Blackthorne. So turn back the way you came and return to the blacksmith.

Mid has a contraption she wants to build, so be ready for a three-part set of subquests to complete before progressing the story forward.

Story Subquest #45 – Letting off Steam I

Talk to Blackthorne once this quest starts and choose whichever companion you want to join you. There’s no difference in who you bring, just whoever is your more preferred AI companion. Afterwards, fast travel over to The Dalimil Inn.

Leave through the northeast gate and head to the marked area down by the river. Go to the building and talk to your quest partner, who’s waiting for you. You need to collect five bits of stardust, so go to the marked areas and pick those up.

Go back to either Gav or Otto and talk with them. A short cutscene will ensue before you need to head back to the Hideaway.

1 Goblin Coin 1 Black Blood 1 Gil Bug
500 EXP  500 Agility Points  800 Gil
40 Renown    

Once this is done, go back and speak to Mid again. Next, talk to Helena, who’s her assistant in the same area. This will start the new subquest.

Story Subquest #46 – Letting off Steam II

Head over to Lostwing and enter through Laubert’s Pass, along the southern gate. Head toward the marked spot and speak to Helena. There’s an Ahriman here in the ruins, so be ready to fight them. Once you’ve won, the quest will be over.
1 Eye of the Warrior 1 Meteorite 600 EXP
40 Renown  

Now that this is finished, go and talk to Mid a third time. She will tell you to go and speak to Harpocrates. When you trek back down to see the old man, this will start a final subquest.

Story Subquest #47 – Letting off Steam III

Talk to Harpocrates when this mission starts and he’ll give you the choice of either taking Jill or Tarja with you as your companion. It doesn’t really matter who you choose to bring along. So of course, choose Jill and then head to Northreach.

Jill or Tarja will be there nearby so go and talk to them. Next, go to the market stands and buy the garlic and pepio nuts that you need.

Once you’ve done that, go back to Jill or Tarja and speak to them again. Return to the Hideaway after the cutscene and speak to Harpocrates to finish this quest.

1 Black Blood 2 Gil Bug 400 EXP
500 Ability Points  800 Gil 40 Renown

Once you’ve completed all three of these subquests, go and speak to Mid again. After watching the cutscene, talk to Mid a second time. Next, go and talk to Otto. Obolus is your next target, so go and talk to her down by the steps. Watch the cutscene and then fast travel over to Cid’s Legacy, which is marked on the World Map.

Go and pay your respects to your fallen comrade, and when the cutscene is over, fast travel once more to Laetny’s Cleft.

Into the Darkness


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