Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Sunrise, Sunset” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #4

Still in the past, Sunrise, Sunset begins the fourth main story quest with a bit more exploration, this time around Rosalith Castle. Your first task here is to head for the Throne Room.

After a brief cutscene, you’ll gain control of Clive and be prompted that you can hold down L3 to use Torgal’s Animal Instinct to show where to go. Honestly, you don’t really need to in this section as it’s relatively straightforward. Progress forward but instead of passing the bridge to the back of the castle, go straight into the market on your left.

In doing so, be sure to pick up a couple of items along the way, which are highlighted below:

The circled area above sports a potion, while the picture below shows the location of a High Potion. After passing the initial potion pick-up, you’ll trigger a Cutscene with a couple of men next to the area you trained with Murdoch. After, take a left before progressing through the double-doors at your quest marker and follow the wooden passageway around to where the High Potion is location. Next, continue on to your destination.

The Down Gardens

As you enter the Down Gardens, you’ll meet up with Joshua, who becomes a crucial part of the story the longer the game progresses. There’s an optional bit of dialogue you can trigger by speaking to Joshua here, and while it is optional, we’d recommend you do this to fully immerse yourself in the story.

Also be sure to take a slight detour around the grounds to greet a few of the other NPCs too, including a rather suspicious guy checking out the brickwork to the left of your quest destination! Again, this is optional but when you’re ready, enter through the chambers.

The Throne Room

After watching the cutscene, another new function to the game will open up – Active Time Lore. This neat addition to the franchise allows you to pause cutscenes in real time and read up on any of the characters or events that’ll be coming at you thick and fast now.

Head up to the 2nd floor with the stairs on either side of the throne afterwards, and enter Clive’s chambers.

After another cut-scene, you’ll be on the World Map, where you’ll spend a good chunk of your time fast-travelling between areas. Hold X on the highlighted section for Stillwind and we’re onto the next leg of our journey.


Lost in a Fog

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