Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Onward” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #48

After fast travelling to Laetny’s Cleft, Onward will begin. Keep going down the path and cross over the bridge in front of you. You’ll meet some enemies here and an optional side quest too. The latter is very easy and literally requires you to head in the same direction anyway so you might as well accept it. All you need to do is take a left in the gorge, past the ruined buildings and interact with the cart. Before we get there though, take out the group of enemies in your way.

Heading For Boklad

Keep progressing through the gorge, following the linear path until you reach your marker. There aren’t really any noteworthy items or chest here, and when you reach the marker a cutscene will begin.

When it’s done, keep going down the path, as it winds down the mountain until you reach a road with two paths. Head left and keep going until you reach Boklad. The town is quite big and there’s some neat areas to explore should you wish to do that. There’s a couple of chests here too, in the shade next t one of the buildings on the left path where the Chocobo pen is.

When you’re ready, step up to the marked location to start the next part of this quest.

Two Subquests

You’ll need to find Goetz in the market and thankfully he’s quite nearby, located on the right side of the market stalls. After speaking to him, you’ll need to recover a stolen trinket so head back the way you came. Run toward the Crimson Caravans and watch the cutscene. This will start the next story Subquest.

Story Subquest #49 – To Catch A Thief

After talking to Eloise, you need to find a furniture maker. Follow the marker and interact with them. Next, talk to the fishmonger and then go back to the sign. After that conversation, look for the few children gathered together and talk to them.

Go to the market to find Honza. When you approach another cutscene will begin. Keep following Honza, continuously going forward by following the markers. Talk to the Chocobo Tamer, who will tell you Honza has run into the pen on the right. This is a large, open space with a couple of Chocobos grazing inside. Walk up toward him to finish the quest.

1 Meteorite 350 EXP  800 Gil
 15 Renown

After dealing with Honza, go and speak to Theodore when you’re done. Given what an amazing job you did chatting to all those people in the previous quest, he’s got another one for you.

Story Subquest #50 – Blood from the Stones

After speaking to Theodore, follow the market toward The Steps of the Forgotten, which is south of Boklad. There’s a short cutscene here, before we’re onto fighting some members of Cast Stones. After the battle, continue moving south until you reach the marker. You’ll have another fight here, before you’re tasked with heading West to Laetny’s Cleft. When you approach, another little cutscene will ensue.

Again, we’ll have to deal with Cast Stone members but they shouldn’t cause too many problems.

After defeating the third group in total this mission, watch the cutscene and then return to Eloise back at the market to finish this quest.

1 Trader’s Pass 1 The Breath of Lightning (Thunderstorm) 1 Meteorite
450 EXP 20 Renown

At the end of the previous subquest, Eloise’s Trader’s Pass will allow us to progress further on our way and onto the next big, challenging area. Be sure to stock up on any supplies before leaving here, because the next mission is going to be your toughest challenge yet. When you’re ready, go and talk to Goetz and watch the cutscene. When it’s over, finish the quest by fast travelling over to The Crystalline Dominion.

Out Of The Shadow

Fire In The Sky

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