Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Pride” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #3

Our Final Fantasy 16 walkthrough sees the timeline now shift to the past, as we’re introduced to one of the game’s biggest draws – combat. There’s not much to this quest in truth, but it is a useful tutorial all the same.

The year is 860, 13 years prior to the timeline where we saw Dominants rage across the battlefield. With spring coming, we’re whisked to the baileys of Rosalith Castle. Here, soldiers train in anticipation for the coming conflict, with one young man in particular ready to prove himself. That man happens to be our protagonist, Clive, who’s a bright prospect in Rosaria.

After an opening cutscene, Clive finds himself face to face with Lord Murdoch, who’s ready to train him in the ways of combat.

You’ll be prompted to do a number of different tasks here, including doing simple combos, evading four moves and using your abilities. All of this is indicated with on-screen prompts and it’s a rather straightforward affair.

Defeat Murdoch

Once you’re sufficiently prepped, now comes the time to fight against Lord Murdoch. It’s a simple fight, one designed to get you used to the mechanics. You’ll be bringing together everything you’ve learned so far. Be sure to use your Eikon powers by holding R2 and pressing Square or Triangle at the same time, as these will be extremely useful for the fights ahead.

After defeating the Commander, a cutscene will ensue and complete this quest.

To Kill a Dominant

Sunrise, Sunset

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