Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “To Kill a Dominant” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #2

Our Final Fantasy 16 walkthrough continues with our first bit of proper gameplay, allowing us to move through the landscape. There’s some beautiful locations to explore and this chapter starts to tighten the screw, with our characters off on the move.

On The Move

Most of this chapter consists of you switching between moving through the landscape and moving into various cutscenes. These show a little more of Clive and Cid’s relationship, with Clive’s abilities on full display toward the end of this chapter.

When you first gain control of Clive, you can also access your Menu for the first time by hitting Start. Feel free to tweak any of the settings to your liking. Be prepared to switch between cutscenes and playing here too. Furthermore, there will also be a number of different tutorial prompts flashing up on screen, so be sure to keep these in mind.

Follow Cid and the group through the ruinous landscape until you trigger the next cut-scenes. Toward the end of the chapter, the landscape will begin crumbling, so be sure to follow the path on the left. It’s a pretty linear path, and the game will also prompt you when you need to push forwards to climb certain ledges.

Once you’re past this section, meet up with your allies at the end and trigger a cutscene to finish the chapter, which will then whisk us back in time to the past.

A Flame Summoned


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