Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Home, Sweet Home” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #28

We’re back at the new and improved Hideaway, and we’ve got a new quest to complete. This one basically sees us moving around talking to different key members of our base of operations. It’s certainly a nifty way of familiarizing yourself with the lay-out.

First thing’s first, go and speak to Otto. Head up the elevator from the dock and follow the red marker, which will lead you to the Mess.

The Map Room

After this is done, go over to the map room and speak to Vivian. She’s a new, important character who allows you to understand a much larger overview of the game’s warring nations, with a pretty nifty timeline feature too. This is split into character and map form and you can also cycle through a timeline too.

Meeting Harpocrates

Next up is Harpocrates, who’s now situated in a separate area that was otherwise blocked off before this part of the quest. He basically serves as the game’s expository-dumping lore master, and you can read up on all sorts of worldbuilding and character details here. It’s also worth checking in with him regularly, as levelling him up with more “field knowledge” (more monsters encountered, completing quests etc.) will level him up and allow extra articles to become available.

Read Gav’s Letter

When you head out from Harpocrates’ area, you’ll be stopped by Tarja. Gaz has sent a letter to you, which can be read from the Reading Table in Clive’s chambers, which are literally parallel from where you are, so just walk in a straight line.

After reading this letter, watch the cutscene to end this quest.

Cid the Outlaw

The Gathering Storm

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