Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Cid the Outlaw” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #27

With Typhon defeated, a big cutscene at the start will see us shift forward five years. Within it, Clive and Jill are off on the run, but they blow their cover to go and save some Bearers from the menacing soldiers of Kupka.

Once you’ve beaten these bad guys (there’s two waves of enemies), they’ll call in a Republican War Panther. It’s a relatively simple fight in truth, so be sure to use your newly acquired lightning abilities by shifting L2 and moving toward all three Eikon states. In doing so, you’ll knock its stun bar down quickly and make short work of this big cat.

Make sure to save a couple of your Eikon abilities for its Stunned state (preferably the heavy-hitting Phoenix abilities) and then hit it with these when stunned. The fight itself shouldn’t cause too many problems.

Watch the cutscene after the battle. Go to The Hideaway to finish this relatively short quest.

The Crystal’s Curse

Home, Sweet Home

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