Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “The Crystal’s Curse” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #26

The Mothercrystals are a curse – and curses are meant to be broken. Clive is off on the hunt for exactly that, and The Crystal’s Curse will see us enter a proper dungeon, the mines.

At Drake’s Head, the goal here is to sneak into the mines, so follow the path ahead until you reach some enemies.

The first section will see you face off against familiar Imperial soldiers that you’ve fought before. Once you’ve dealt with them, break a board ahead to come to a path leading deeper into the tunnels.

Here, you’ll come to your first mini boss of this chapter – the Imperial Cannonier.

Mini Boss Fight – Imperial Cannonier

Tips for beating: The Imperial Cannonier is similar to the Champion faced before but instead of a hammer, they’re holding a giant cannon, and it can do some serious damage if you’re hit with the blast.

The basic attacks are similar but watch out for the flamethrower, which you’ll need to make sure you dodge, and a named attack called Black Powder. This will see them drop the cannon to the ground and shoot, prompting rocks to come blasting out the ground.

After defeating them, the Cannonier will regain full health and become “Akashic”, which is a better term for uber-powerful and crazy!

Here, the Cannonier will do a few new moves, including Rocketeer, where they’ll blast back and forth across the arena. There’s also Hard Launch too, but that’ll be locked until they reach about 50% health or so. Just make sure you dodge both of these and bide your moments to attack.

1 Favor of the Inferno (Ignition) 15 Wyrit 15 Steelsilk
70 EXP 110 Ability Points 2000 Gil

Exploring The Mines

After defeating the Cannonier and being rewarded with some decent rewards, proceed through the Mines, in a familiar linear fashion to the other dungeons. Remember, if you get lost along the way hold down L3 and Torgal will show you the way.

Go ahead to the lift and pull the lever. Down on the lower levels, we’ll be in a familiar format of progressing along corridors which open up to larger arenas to fight monsters. With this in mind, on the lower level proceed forward, pick up some potions and then fight the enemies that appear. Once that’s done, break down the wooden barrier and proceed on.

After jumping over a small gap, keep going after watching the cutscene. Head right in the next section to progress forward Open a big door, pull a lever, and head through.

Once you defeat another set of enemies,move forward to find another wooden barrier to break. There’s a grate on the left just after this, but before you do so, be sure to head forwards and collect the Coral Sword from the chest in front.

After breaking the grate, keep going through the tunnels. Go down the stairs and get ready to fight more enemies. After, go through the wooden doors and down the steps. Guess what’s there? Yep, another set of enemies to fight!

Go through the doors and you’ll finally reach the entrance to the Mothercrystal. It’s an incredibly beautiful area and props to the art team for some of these locales as they truly are breathtaking. Keep going forwards and the scene will change. We’ve got another boss fight ahead.

Boss Fight – Akashic Dragon

Tips for beating: The Akashic Dragon is the second boss of this quest and this fight operates very similar to the Garuda and the Infernal Eikon/Shadow fights in the previous chapters.

Most of the white dragon’s basic attacks are simple swipes and stomps, so watch out for those. While the dragon is on the ground, it’s a good idea not to lock on for the same reasons mentioned before; you’ll have a much easier time chipping away at the legs this way.

There are a couple of ranged attacks here to watch out for, including a particularly nasty laser beam that shoots across the ground.

After the first stagger, the Dragon will start using Cauterize. Be mindful that this can actually one-shot kill you if you’re not watching your health. It’ll fly toward you, breathing fire on the ground, moving back and forth across the area.

After the second stagger, Akashic Dragon will perform another nasty attack, Dragon Dance. This will see it hover in the air and do a series of attacks, starting with fireballs and then that aforementioned laser across the ground, this time with both a vertical and a horizontal line to avoid. The final part is a lunge right at you, so while it’s flying around, be sure to lock on to avoid this (and unlock once it’s on the ground).

10 Bloody Hide 2 Meteorite 1 Black Blood
90 EXP 120 Ability Points 3000 Gil

The Inner Sanctum

After slaying the dragon, watch the cutscene and walk to the gate ahead. Here, you’ll be at the inner sanctum. Inside are a few Potions, so be sure to nab them as you’ll need it for the fight ahead. At the top of the next staircase, watch the next cutscene.

When you next take control of Clive, you’ll find yourself in a strange area with an eerie voice floating in the air. It’ll send out a few waves of enemies for you to fight. Once you defeat them, watch the cutscene and then we’re onto the last boss fight of this chapter, Typohn.

Boss Fight – Typhon

Tips for beating: After fighting off those waves of enemies, we’re onto our next Eikon fight, this time with Typhon. Now, you’ll be playing as Ifrit here, but he’s far less sluggish than he was in the Garuda fight.

Phase 1

Watch out for Typhon though, as he has some nasty attacks at his disposal. The normal attacks are slow and easy to dodge, so use this time to get in some Precision Counters if you’re confident.

The main attack he’ll use here is Unending Clamor, where a large splash damage field shows up on the ground. Dash out of this immediately by holding circle.

After depleting the first health bar, Typhon will return, naturally, and you’ll enter Phase 2 of this fight, which is far tougher than before.

Phase 2

Typhon will now operate with enhanced versions of his previous attacks, plus armed with a couple of new ones too. The biggest one here is Demon Wall, which will basically see a series of pulsing purple walls pushed your way. Don’t worry about getting close to Typhon here, just be ready to hold circle and move from left to right.

There’s also Catacecaumene, where Typhon will shoot into the ground and then a number of circular areas on the ground will appear for a short period of time. Make sure you dodge out of this.

Once Typhon is down to a sliver of health, there will be a Cinematic section and to end the fight, you’ll need to enact an Evasion, followed by a Clash and then a second Clash. Just follow the prompts as they show up on screen and you should be fine.

1 Breath of Fire (Flames of Rebirth) 25 Sharp Fang 20 Steelsilk
70 Magicked Ash 870 EXP
200 Ability Points
3500 Gil

After The Fight

After defeating Typhon, watch the cutscene and then this quest will finally be over.

Righting Wrongs

Cid the Outlaw

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