Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “Righting Wrongs” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #24

After fast travelling back to The Hideaway, your first stop is Cid’s private quarters. It’s the same room from before, up the stairs to the left of the barman. After opening the door, put your controller down as there’s a pretty lengthy cutscene here.

When it’s over, head back down the stairs and go and speak to Charon at her item shop. She’ll eventually tell you about the Fat Chocobo where Otto is located. Go and talk to him and after, head outside and speak to Gav. There will be another cutscene here, albeit one not quite so long this time!


Our next task is to head for Lostwing. After fast travelling over, take the Northeastern exit to get to Northreach. Remember, you can always open up your local map (by pressing the touch pad) to see where you’re going.

Northreach is located in a big open area between Lostwing and The Dragon’s Aery. Follow the path through the forest and you’ll come to a much larger, open space. Feel free to look around and slay some enemies to gain some experience points if you wish before progressing forward to our marker.


Here, we’ll end up in a market just outside Northreach. Go straight in and find the Dame. She’s pretty easy to find as the market is quite small but she’s in the southeast corner by the Obelisk.

As you approach, another cutscene will begin. Walk back up to Isabelle afterwards, who’s over by the gate, and speak to her as she’ll help you get into Northreach.

Once inside, head down the stairs to reach the Veil. You’ll need to speak to Isabelle again now, who’s located by the door to the building. Isabelle will want some help before progressing forward, and our first non-skippable Side Quest, The Dame, ensues. There are also a few other optional Side Quests inside Northreach too but they’re all relatively straightforward fetch quests in truth.


Story Subquest #25 – The Dame

Isabelle will start by asking you to find Tatienne, a Viel girl, who has disappeared. Talk to the Courtesan to your left, and she’ll tell you about Tatienne’s flatmate, who is across the courtyard. Go and speak to her, who will then tell you about a man from the garrison who might be linked to Tatienne’s disappearance.

A new red marker will appear on the west side of Northreach so head on over there now. Of course, if you choose to do the other side quests at the same time, all the markers overlap quite nicely so you can actually do all three quests together during this first part in Northreach.

Once you find the soldier and speak to him. He’ll tell you that the man’s name is Yannick and he’s actually in the Moore. Go back up the stairs whence you came and watch the cutscene.

You’ll now need to head north to the Moore, so leave Northreach and head through the market, back toward the village. At the Moore, Bertrand is working at the stables so go over and have a chat.

Next, talk to the nearby trader who will tell you that Yannick was heading off to visit some ruins nearby.  Follow the sign and you’ll come across a pack of wolves. Dispatch them and then go over to the bodies nearby to examine. After the cutscene, return to Moore and then talk to Isabelle.

2 Sharp Fangs 5 Bloody Hide 20 EXP
44 Ability Points 80 Gil   

After finishing the quest, Isabelle will tell you that Jill and Cid are waiting at an old chapel nearby. The marker will then lead you along a path southeast of Moore, to reach the unnamed chapel. Head through the gate to meet up with the pair.

Drake’s Head

The next step on our journey is Drake’s Head, which will now become available on the World Map. Do be aware that starting this will see us hit a point of no return. Don’t worry, we’re not near the end of the game but essentially everything done up until this point has been one long tutorial.

You won’t be able to complete the Side Quests available up to this point, but similarly, they don’t count toward the trophy either. Once you’re done, head on over to Drake’s Head.

The Meaning of Life

The Crystal’s Curse

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