Final Fantasy XVI Guide: “The Meaning of Life” Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 16 Guide – Main Story Quest #23

After the events at Phoenix Gate, The Meaning of Life sees you begin back at The Dim Obelisk. From here, follow the path all the way back to Eastpool. You won’t be able to fast travel from here and for good reason too.

Eastpool Under Attack

As you approach Eastpool, you’ll notice a whole bunch of Imperial soldiers attack. Progress through town and slaughter the waves of soldiers that arrive. Now’s a great time to use your new Limit Break abilities.

Your gauge will increase after taking damage and dodging abilities, so the chances are that during big fights, it’ll increase quite quickly. In this Primed state, you’ll be able to do a good deal of damage.

After defeating all these enemies, a new type will approach, called the Imperial Champion. A guide isn’t really needed given the attack patterns are going to be very similar to what we’ve faced before.

You’ll come across these enemies quite regularly now and they’re almost identical to the Minotaur and other heavy enemies, with spinning attacks and slow, heavy damaged vertical slices.

With the Limit break now in your arsenal, this should make it easier to chip away at that stun bar, and coupled with the Eikon abilities too, you’ll be getting a stunned state much quicker than before.

Back to the Hideaway

After taking out the Champion, there will be another cutscene before we’re whisked back to the World Map and, inevitably, The Hideaway, where this quest will come to an end.

Buried Memories

Righting Wrongs

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